” It’s a very socially ethical idea. In this case, let’s communicate in another way.
Ms. Lily, the accident you suffered may not be due to the negligence of our hotel’s security system.
There were some, how should I put it, some, some very strange traces at the scene…” Li Longhua said tactfully.
This simple sentence made Lily’s face turn pale. She covered her mouth with her hands, suppressing Facing the panic in his heart, he forced himself to calm down for a while, and said with a trembling voice: “Okay, I understand Mr. Li, in this case, let’s forget about this matter.
Please go out, I want to rest.
Li Longhua said apologetically: “I’m sorry, Ms. Lili, I’m really sorry. ”
We will provide all your room charges and all room services for these two days for free, and tomorrow the hotel will send a special person and a special car to take you and your mother to board the plane. Goodbye. “, and then exited the room with all the hotel staff. Before
leaving in Chapter 35
, Zhang Lisheng, who had always been suspicious of Eminem’s inexplicably nervous attitude, asked carefully: “Eminem, Why on earth did you…”
“English, speak English! “Lili was suddenly startled and shouted loudly.
Zhang Lisheng stared blankly for a while and asked hesitantly in English: “Mom, are you okay?
“I’m sorry, baby, mom yelled at you, I’m sorry. ”
I’m fine, I just had an accident and feel tired and not in a good mood. “Lili was silent for a while, covering her forehead, and said with a trembling voice.
Thinking that it was herself who had brought this kind of panic to Eminem, Zhang Lisheng couldn’t bear to ask any more questions, and said comfortingly: “If you are tired, just rest as soon as possible. ,Mother.
We’re leaving here tomorrow, aren’t we?
“Yes, get some rest quickly. I can take you back to New York tomorrow. Good night, baby. ” “Lili murmured and turned off the wall lamp in the bedroom.
/There was no words all night.
He turned around and saw that Eminem was still sleeping soundly. He quickly picked up the phone.
A pleasant voice came from the phone. A young female voice greeted in English: “Dear guest, good morning.
This is the ‘wake-up’ service of the Golden Dragon Hotel in Chengdu. It is now nine o’clock in the morning, and there are still three hours and thirty minutes before the departure time of flight A073 from Chengdu to New York.
Can breakfast be delivered to your room in fifteen minutes? ”
Zhang Lisheng on the side also reluctantly smiled and waved goodbye to Dong Qifeng, but his expression looked very unnatural.
Looking out the window through the curtains, I could vaguely see that it was already bright. Zhang Lisheng whispered: “Bring breakfast, thank you.
/“Well sir, I wish you a pleasant meal and a safe journey. ” ”
“Baby, you’re awake. Who are you calling? Are you saying goodbye to your friends?” When Zhang Lisheng hung up the phone, Lili happened to wake up too. She asked with a smile and a hoarse voice.
“It’s not mom, it’s the hotel’s wake-up call service, and it als