o lost all his weapons, equipment and life.

o lost all his weapons, equipment and life.
Before they died, they almost understood why Liu Gan and the others did not kill them when they left. Because these cannon fodders could at least attract the attention of the aircraft and buy Liu Gan and the others a minute or two. Even more time to escape.
They did fulfill their duty as cannon fodder.
Although Liu Gan had a lot of doubts in his mind at this time and wanted to ask Yinhe, he also knew that now was not the time to ask these things. He should wait until he was out of the current predicament.
Liu Qian, Yinhe and Zhang Shengli quickly escaped from the large iron gate of the small courtyard, rushed out of the large courtyard in front before the heavy aircraft flew over, returned to Qingtai Mountain and dived into the vast dense forest.
Although the rain was getting lighter and lighter, because it was approaching night, the sky became slightly brighter for a while, and then slowly darkened again.
As Yinhe ran, he kept clicking on the small screen sticking out of his chest, trying to turn off the tracking signal that his body emitted every once in a while. But it was obvious that these tracking signals were not so easy to turn off. In the end, she only adjusted the interval between transmitting signals to the maximum value, transmitting every five hours or so.
/“Yinhe, what happened? Why are you like this?” Liu Gan asked Yinhe after the three of them stopped at a primitive-looking cave in the jungle.
Although Zhang Shengli was by his side, he was no longer an outsider. There was no need to avoid him when Liu Qian and Yinhe were talking.
“There is something I have been hiding from you. It’s not that I want to hide it from you. It’s because I haven’t figured it out yet, so I haven’t mentioned it to you yet.” Yinhe thought for a while and answered Liu Qian. She has gradually become accustomed to the armor. The warrior’s pronunciation system makes his speech much clearer than before.
After making slight adjustments to the pronunciation program, she tried her best to keep the same tone as the voice produced by her previous biological body, which made Liu Qian suddenly feel a lot more familiar with her.
“What’s the matter?” Liu Gan asked next.
“These days, I have vaguely recalled some things, some fragmentary memories sealed deep in my soul. I am not just a biochemical robot,” Yinhe continued.
“I used to seem to be a plasma life living in the nebula storm of the universe. I somehow ended up here, and then I was captured and transformed into the previous biochemical body. That biochemical body was in the heavy rain just now, Unable to withstand the nearly 100 billion volts of lightning that I induced, it was completely destroyed.”
“But the moment my biological body was destroyed, my plasma soul invaded this body along the 100 billion volts of powerful arc. When the main program in this body failed, I replaced it, and then I became what I am now,” Yinhe explained to Liu Qian.
/“Plasma soul?” Zhang Shengli looked curious.
“Yes, according to som