m. This box looked particularly delicate, with strange patterns engraved on it.

m. This box looked particularly delicate, with strange patterns engraved on it.
I squatted down and saw that there was a lock on the wooden box and I couldn’t open it for a while. Just as he was thinking of a solution, footsteps suddenly came from behind him. I turned around suddenly and saw a tall figure walking to the entrance of the tent. At this time, there was no time to go out, and there was no place for me to hide in the tent. In desperation, I could only pull out the Tushan knife from my waist. If this guy sees me and wants to commit murder, I can still protect myself.
The footsteps were getting closer and closer, and soon they reached the door and opened the tent curtain. The tall animal trainer walked in and saw me at a glance, and also saw the Tushan knife in my hand. The eyes exposed outside the mask changed suddenly, and he roared and ran towards me. I had expected this result. So I wasn’t particularly panicked. I jumped to the side just in time for it to rush towards me. After escaping its impact, I rolled on the spot and turned around and said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t come in on purpose. I didn’t steal anything.” , I’m just a little curious.”
/The animal trainer let out a strange roar, raised his fist, turned around and punched me. The punch hit the ground and made a hole. The strength made me speechless. I stood up and continued shouting: “I didn’t take anything, not on purpose!”
I turned around and wanted to run towards the door. But before I had even taken a few steps, the trainer behind me grabbed me by the collar and pulled me back. This guy was so fast and his arms were very long. He pulled me down to the ground with incredible force, and then he raised his fist and punched me in the face. The ground fell.
I cursed. It looked like I couldn’t avoid the punch. I put my hands in front of my face. When the fist hit my arm, even with the cushion of my clothes, it still hurt so much that it felt like my bones were shaking. Almost broken.
The animal trainer roared like crazy, stretched out his hand to strangle my neck, and lifted me up with one hand. In desperation, I raised the Tushan knife and stabbed it directly in the eye, but I didn’t expect that this guy’s mask was actually made of iron. ! The Tushan knife made a “ding” sound when it was stabbed, but it didn’t break. I wanted to take my hand back, but the other hand of the animal trainer grabbed my wrist. I saw its palm up close. It was indeed different from humans. It was completely different. The black claws are covered with a thick layer of down.
The eyes were actually red, full of violence and ferocity, and the suppressed roar in his throat was like a ferocious tiger.
It felt like my neck was about to be broken, it was difficult to breathe, and I could already hear the snapping of the bones in my neck.
At this moment, a voice suddenly came from outside the tent. After shouting, the animal trainer turned around strangely. I looked outside and saw a woman standing at the door, wearing a red ethnic minority co