with murderous intent and he yelled out in a voice that shocked everyone into panic.

with murderous intent and he yelled out in a voice that shocked everyone into panic.
Among the people I have met in my life, there are only about three people who can be described with the word “righteous”. The first is the fat man. The righteousness of the fat man should be righteousness. This guy is not a great person, but he has been educated and grown up since he was a child. The environment molded him into a person who is full of righteousness and cannot tolerate evil things. So although we both can be a little clever and often deceive others when doing business, in the final analysis, we are dealing with treacherous and evil people, good people, and we will not touch them. This third one. I didn’t meet him when I was in my twenties, so I won’t mention it here. As for the second one left, it was Senior Guan Xunjian.
I don’t really believe that there are absolutely honest people in this world. People will always succumb to the temptation of money, interests, power, etc. After all, people’s hearts have shortcomings. It’s just that everyone’s needs and hopes are different, and there will always be flaws in the face of huge interests. But Senior Guan seems to be an exception. Once at the top. Standing in the ranks of top masters, as the head of Xuanfeng Sect, he has a distinguished status, but he chose to retire. There must be many stories in it, but it is not difficult to guess that the biggest reason in the final analysis should be the exposure of the collusion between Xuanfeng Sect and Dayuan Tiancheng Mansion. Perhaps it is for this reason that Senior Guan Xunjian set a precedent for Xuanfeng Sect. Before he could become immortal or disband, he retreated and disappeared into the world of mortals without even staying in the Xuanfeng Sect.
Giving up everything I already have, silently and secretly confronting the Zhongtian Sect, fame and wealth are just like a passing cloud. I really can’t think of any other words to describe this quality other than integrity.
/Of course, when I say this, there are many factors that will happen between me and Senior Guan in the future, but when I was in my twenties, I was still thinking about how to take revenge on the Ling family and how to make money by any means necessary. In life, he showed me a different personality. At least at that time, I began to believe that there would really be people in this world who would give up all their glory and wealth for the sake of their noble character.
Ye Yuan was obviously no match for Senior Guan. He was defeated steadily once they fought. Especially the red light transformed from the blood of the barbarians was supposed to be a very powerful weapon, but when it encountered the Xuan Qing Zang Feng Dao used by Senior Guan, he was instantly defeated. It’s useless.
“Why be so aggressive? I have made an agreement with your Xuanfeng Sect. If you let me go, I will share your share of the prosperous world in the future!” Ye Yuan looked very unhappy. He even wanted to convince Senior Guan to stop. But Senior Guan looked upright and sho