. He accused the two of them, which was not polite at all.

. He accused the two of them, which was not polite at all.
Neither Lin Yun nor Saruman said anything more, but Suas frowned and glanced at Fran, with unconcealable dissatisfaction in his eyes.
However, Fran was very proud of himself at this time, so how could he care about Suas’s dissatisfaction?
A group of four people found a road leading to the fourth floor at the edge of the magic iron furnace. At this time, it can be seen that the space of this stone tower has been distorted out of shape by Vaughn. It is just a road leading to the third floor. It took almost an hour to walk on the fourth floor road.
There were empty metal cages on both sides of the road. I don’t know what was once imprisoned. Anyway, these metal cages are now empty. It took almost an hour to walk along the way. There were many empty metal cages on both sides of the road. There are at least hundreds of metal cages, some of which are particularly huge, and even have a trace of astonishing magic fluctuations left, making people even more curious about these metal cages.
“This should be where Vaughn keeps the monsters.” As the owner of the Sage Tower, Saruman is not unfamiliar with such metal cages. In fact, whether it is the Sage Tower or the Cloud Tower, there are some A prison specially used to imprison monsters.
“Well, it should be used for experiments.” Lin Yun also nodded. For an alchemist of Vaughn’s level, using Warcraft for experiments is not unusual at all. You know, the legendary Sage of Blue , and even once captured a demon lord from the abyss in order to complete an experiment on an alchemy puppet.
“What about the monster?” Saruman was startled and swallowed with some difficulty. Everyone knew that it was used to The monsters used in experiments are usually well guarded, and it is almost never the case now that hundreds of metal cages are all empty.
But once this happens, it is almost certain that there must be a large-scale escape of Warcraft.
So, the question becomes:
escape, where to escape?
But not even a single magical beast was seen on the first, second and third floors of the stone tower
. Moreover, eight flying alchemy puppets patrolled back and forth outside the stone tower. Even if the magical beasts had wings, they might not be able to fly out, so naturally there was only one possibility left.
Thinking of this, Sa Luman subconsciously looked up at the top of his head.
/There is no doubt that the fourth floor is the only place where these monsters can go.
“It’s okay, it’s okay. Vaughn is only a titled magician. Even if he captures some monsters for experiments, he will not capture too powerful monsters.” At this time, Saruman could only comfort himself in this way.
“It’s hard to say.” Lin Yun poured cold water on him unceremoniously. Although Vaughn was only a titled magician, don’t forget that what Vaughn inherited was the legacy of the Cang Sage, the three heavenly beings. The Alchemy Puppet was an almost invincible existence in that era. Many heaven-level powerhouses had to bow their heads in