way to strengthen the opponent’s body, it will be like getting a path to the ancient gods and demons. shortcut.

way to strengthen the opponent’s body, it will be like getting a path to the ancient gods and demons. shortcut.
Especially the guardians of the Four Spirits were originally descendants of the Four Spirits.
Fengling’s eyes were glowing with golden light at this time, and her eyes were undulating. At this time, she had something in her mind, so she simply sat on the futon in the south and understood it directly.
/Bai Xianyin and Bai Gui also found their respective directions.
Bai Nu was also amazed at this moment.
Even he had only heard of this kind of innate stone fetus in rumors, but had never actually seen it.
He thought about it and decided to understand it first.
He is about to transform into a dragon. If he can understand some of the mysteries of the innate fairy embryo and find out the gaps, it will be of great benefit.
In the palace, Zhang Jian was currently convening the nine cabinet ministers in the court to discuss the matter of recruiting talents.
Zhang Jian personally wrote a recruitment list, preparing to take advantage of the opportunity of Tongshan Taoism’s entry into the WTO to recruit knowledgeable people from all over the world to enter Daxia and govern the government.
During this period, he took action twice in Yuhua Prefecture and Jiutan Prefecture, causing quite a stir in the practice community.
He believed that many immortal cultivators should have gradually noticed the rising Great Xia Dynasty in the fertile soil of Dongzhou.
Although the Daxia Dynasty was newly established, it was full of vigorous vitality. With him in charge, it was full of countless possibilities.
He believed that if the recruitment list was published, some knowledgeable people would come forward to help him accomplish his great cause.
Of course, while posting lists to recruit talents, Zhang Jian did not forget to cultivate his own direct lineage.
Within the Great Xia Dynasty, all the Taoist palaces and Taoist temples in the Dao, counties, prefectures and counties are in smooth operation, and they are constantly recruiting heroes from all over the world to complete the system of separating immortals and mortals in the Great Xia Dynasty.
On the other hand, Zhang Jian did not give up his original intention.
Even after becoming emperor, he still did not forget to continue optimizing existing vegetable and fruit seeds.
Although the benefits provided to him by this method are already limited.
Zhang Jian’s idea is not wrong.
When the recruitment list of the Great Xia Dynasty was released, it attracted a lot of people’s attention.
Thanks to his high-profile method of killing demon stars outside the world in Jiutan State, it is difficult for many immortal cultivators not to know about it.
Especially at this time, with the announcement of the birth of the Kiriyama Taoist Order and its re-establishment as a sutra, it was clear that the chariots and horses were going to re-divide the territory with many big forces, and some knowledgeable people had already begun to plan their way out.
The em