ce darkened and he refused to take up the topic. He turned to the Xuanlong trio and said, “What benefits did you get, so you let the hostages go so readily?”

“What is a hostage? It is the result of my battle and the result of my hard work.”
Lu Bei retorted and took out the small purple tower as if showing off: “This is the Zixiao Tower. I just refined it and it’s still warm. Do you want to go in and stay for two days?”
/“Wait a minute, what tower?”
Zhu Qilan looked shocked and looked at Lu Bei with a strange look.
Seeing this, Lu Bei’s heart skipped a beat, fearing that he would be deceived, and asked: “What’s wrong? Is there anything wrong with Zixiao Tower? Am I being cheap?”
“It’s not cheap, you must have made money, but…”
Zhu Qilan shrugged and snickered. After the snap, he held his butt and glared at Lu Bei. Then he suppressed his laughter and whispered in his ear: “The Zixiao Tower is a very famous magic weapon, not to mention that it belongs to my Wuzhou Zhu family. Even Qi Yanji’s family can name it.”
Lu Bei raised his brows and vaguely caught the truth: “This magic weapon belongs to the Qi Yan royal family and was snatched away by Xuan Long, right?”
“It’s very close. It is indeed owned by the royal family, but it is not the Qi Yan royal family, but the Xiong Chu royal family.”
Zhu Qilan smiled unbearably: “Purple Sky Pagoda is one of the three sacred artifacts of Xiongchu, along with the Xuanzhu Bow. Congratulations to Sect Master Lu, you have obtained two of the three sacred artifacts of Xiongchu to control the country.”
Lu Bei:
MD, that white-haired vagina is mine!
“Xiongchu is a big country after all, and the Gu family has many talented people. Two of the three artifacts are wandering outside. This is the only way to control the country and suppress the loneliness.” Lu Bei was speechless. He overestimated Xiongchu. This Just change.
“That’s not the case. Not only the Xuanzhu Bow and the Zixiao Pagoda are missing among the three sacred artifacts of Xiongchu, but there is also no news about the Immortality Seal.” Zhu Qilan explained.
Lu Bei said nothing, and was even more speechless.
Zhu Qilan suppressed her smile and described the appearance of the longevity seal, telling a few details so that Lu Bei could remember it in his heart.
“Why should I remember this?”
“Based on your luck, I don’t know whether it is good or bad, but there are already two of the three artifacts, and even the last one cannot escape your hands.” Zhu Qilan said with reason, and smiled again after speaking.
Lu Bei was furious and stretched out his magic hand to him, but was mercilessly slapped away. He immediately approached him with a depressed look on his face.
“Cousin, I’m so miserable, and you’re still gloating about my misfortune, can’t you comfort me?” He leaned into Zhu Qilan’s arms, and tried his best to complain about his grievances. The latter’s two pushes had no effect, and he could only Let it be.
After a while, Lu Bei calmed down, grinned while holding the soft flesh around his waist, and co