charming woman? Maybe there is a woman who is more beautiful and from a nobler family than Miss An Qi, who is interested in him.

Although he knew what Dockman was thinking, Bosmiller had no appreciation at all. On the contrary, he only had contempt. Because, no matter how good the strategy is, if it is used in the wrong direction, everything will be in vain. This may be the reason why no matter how hard Daukman works, he can only be a feudal official in charge of one side, but he will never be able to enter the real upper class. He really lacks strategic vision and political sense.
As a bystander, Bosmiller was able to more accurately predict the future direction.
If Grand Duke Valedi and the boy from Philip’s family really fight, it will definitely not just be a love contest, but a political storm. Dockman had no idea that he was creating the storm himself.
At this moment, the upper echelons of Beru seem to be united and have high morale, but in fact, they have already split into two factions in private, with clear barriers.
/One of the factions is headed by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince. Gathering around him is a group of radical young people. Their dream is to make the chariot of Beru run at full speed. In ten to twenty years , Beru will become a A militarized power like the Lima Empire laid the foundation for sweeping the entire continent and unifying the world.
/The other faction is headed by the Prime Minister of the Empire, Besmo. These people are obviously much more sensible and know that in this era, it is absolutely impossible to conquer the entire world, so what they care more about is being able to occupy the hegemony of the continent for a longer period of time.
The ideas of the Phillip boy would definitely suit Besmo’s taste. Redistributing social wealth to make most Beru people rich and forming a virtuous cycle in the empire’s economy is also an issue Besmo has been considering. However, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince will definitely regard this theory as a thorn in his side.
What’s more, if this kind of experiment is actually carried out in an important company like United Steel, the crown prince and his party will definitely be anxious. Union Steel is one of the four axles of the Imperial tank, and if this axle is reversed, things could be in trouble.
In addition, this matter also involves Marquis Dockman.
The Marquis himself was not important, but his status as Governor Brownton was extremely important. In the crown prince’s plan, Brownton should be a large experimental recruitment base to test whether the Beru Empire can quickly establish itself on a conquered territory, and be able to draw from this land for continued use. resources for war.
There are nearly three million adult men in Braunton, one million of whom are able-bodied workers of working age, and this is the most precious resource. As long as these people are mobilized and trained for a period of time, they will become dozens of main regiments. In addition, Brownton has iron and coal, and it can be used as a huge ars