o arrange these things. For those core disciples, I will assign some manpower to them.”

Wei Xiaobei raised his eyebrows. He knew without asking that Tu Qingqing’s female apprentices should have performed well and attracted the attention of various countries in Europe.
It is conceivable that there will probably be more and more ambassadors coming to discuss business in the future.
This is a good thing for Weijia Island. In addition to being able to have more harmonious relations with other countries, it can also make up for Weijia Island’s expenses.
You know, the current monthly expenses on Weijia Island are not small. The food expenses of the Xuangui Demon King, power generation, fuel consumption of cars, employee wages, etc., add up to a lot.
It’s just that the number of core disciples is not enough.
Of course, it was precisely because of this that Wei Xiaobei prepared to cultivate more common people and let those core disciples lead the team. In this way, the power of the core disciples and common people could be fully combined.
The shortcoming of ordinary people is that they don’t have much brains and are too rigid in doing things, even if their intelligence has improved a lot, but the core disciples can command ordinary people to fight.
Zhu Xinyi left, and the remaining disciples simply wanted to go out and see the world.
Just think about it, you can imagine how boring it is to always wander in the gray world on Weijia Island.
So after seeing Huang Kun going to the United States, these apprentices became excited.
“Go tell your senior sister.”
Wei Xiaobei waved his hand and drove these apprentices away.
It is a good thing for apprentices to want to go out and exercise.
After seeing Wei Xiaobei drive away all the disciples, the single soldier came over and explained his purpose of coming by licking his face.
The purpose of Shanbing’s visit is very simple, that is, he wants to use Weijiadao’s shareholder style to develop the international market.
Wei Xiaobei could only say that he was worthy of being a businessman.
Shan Bing’s mind works very quickly, not to mention, with the help of Weijia Island’s name, it would be much easier for Shan Bing’s company to break into countries that have business dealings with Weijia Island.
Wei Xiaobei handed over the matter to Zhu Xinyi as usual. Of course, the dividends that Shanbing should give to Weijiadao were indispensable. It was impossible for Shanbing to borrow the name of Weijiadao in vain.
/After the matter was settled and everyone left, Wei Xiaobei rubbed his forehead, feeling that he, the island owner, had too many things to do.
The most important thing for me now is to get the gray boundary stone! ! Gray boundary stone! !
The relationship here is obvious.
As long as you get the Gray Boundary Stone, you can conduct space experiments!
Once he succeeds, he may have a real space, and this space must be safer than Weijia Island.
Of course, this may require multiple experiments before it can be successful.
At night, after a rare dinner party with his p