nts turned into charred, mummified corpses.

Suddenly, the bright scarab stopped eating and raised its butt.
About to lay eggs?
Wei Xiaobei suddenly opened his eyes wide and looked over.
/If this trend continues, no matter how many eggs the bright scarabs lay and how many offspring they hatch, they will not be able to defeat those fire crows, red scorpions, and six-legged and four-winged snakes.
This is not a level contest at all.
In the competition between quantity and quality, the descendants of the scarab completely failed, even if they were coated with a golden light around their bodies by the bright scarab.
Therefore, Wei Xiaobei was not optimistic about the insect sea tactics used by the Bright Scarab at all.
But this time, what came out of the bright scarab’s butt was not the dense white eggs, but a three-meter-long, coconut-shaped giant egg, with a soft shell shining with a faint golden light.
The size of this giant coconut-shaped egg is hundreds of times larger than the white eggs in a fist. The bright scarab lays one by raising its buttocks once. The speed is not too slow. It takes about ten minutes to lay one in one breath. Hundreds of giant eggs.
After laying eggs, the body of the Bright Scarab lay on the sand, looking even more exhausted than before when it laid millions of eggs. However, it still opened its mouth to swallow the soil and gravel brought back by the descendants of the Scarab. , not paying attention to the hatching of these giant eggs at all.
The hatching time of giant eggs is much slower than that of the descendants of scarabs.
/Wei Xiaobei felt his whole body numb even as he hid in the gravel. This was not because of the threat, but because of the consequences of staying in one position for a long time and the heavy pressure of the gravel, which blocked his blood vessels.
Half an hour later, the faint golden light of these giant egg shells had disappeared, and there was some movement inside, with something bumping left and right inside.
There was only a muffled sound, and a bulge appeared on the shell of a giant egg, as if something hit it. There was a tearing sound, and a pair of large jaws tore a piece out of the shell of the giant egg from the inside out. There was a big hole, and a giant insect with a body length of more than three meters rushed out of it, lying on the sand and enjoying the golden light.
Soon, the giant insects hatched from the giant eggs lay in a circle around the bright scarab.
These giant insects are very similar to the descendants of scarabs, except that the shell color is slightly bluish based on bronze.
The soft shell quickly became hard under the influence of golden light and high temperature.
But at this time, the descendants of the scarabs who were outside the range of the golden light were killed by monsters such as the fire crow and only one tenth of them escaped.
However, the fire crows, red scorpions and other monsters did not step even half a step into the golden light. They withdrew after seeing the descendants of the scarabs escaping ba