s mind, he split the soul into two parts with the method of killing the soul, and then he became the current one. Kuimu Wolf.

The master also knows this trick, Lu Bei has seen it before.
She was troubled by demonic thoughts and when she was about to go crazy, she split her soul into two. Half of her soul carried the demonic thoughts, and the other half of her soul confronted it, creating an alternative yin and yang force, and combined it to create a new world. The demonic form of the soul.
Uncle Master was even more ruthless. After killing the soul, half of the soul was gone.
Therefore, there is still a question mark as to where the real uncle is.
The Taifu’s uncle was a bad old man, and Lu Bei was not interested. He only knew that the Taifu was going back to Yunzhong Pavilion, so he shamelessly followed him, wanting to have a look at the Sutra Collection Pavilion of Yunzhong Pavilion.
Didn’t bother.
Leading Lu Bei to Yunzhong Pavilion is no different from leading a wolf into the house. If the Taifu makes him give up this intention, Yunzhong Pavilion will never open the door to him in this life.
Before leaving, Taifu, like Hu Er, told Lu Bei and Han Miaojun to keep their distance.
/It made sense, so Lu Bei decided to believe her. That night when he and Han Miaojun were practicing together, he hugged her from behind and didn’t give the beauty a chance to move.
A bowl of water is flat, and this is the case for both Han Miaojun.
Five days later, everything in Tianjian Sect is as usual. What it was like before is still what it is now.
The results of team building are not ideal. Zhulong is powerful and cannot force his opportunities. Those who are destined will trip over the magic weapon while walking, while those who are not destined will dig three feet into the ground to no avail.
For example, Senior Brother Lin Yu went fishing when he entered the secret realm. He didn’t leave the river for three days. At the end of his fishing trip, he caught a cassock. Where could others come to reason with him?
Several elders of the Tianjian Sect, including Qin Fangtian, had nothing to gain except killing Lexian.
Lu Bei was very puzzled. This old boy had been restless and kind-hearted all day long, and even dreamed of splashing the sect leader’s blood. Why did his fortune suddenly turn around!
Bang bang bang!
There was a knock on the door of the quiet room, and Lian Lin was ordered to enter, keeping a three-step distance without a smile to prevent Lu Bei from forcibly teaching the Immortal Sword Intent.
But it should be fine tonight. Looking at the little appearance of the sect leader, he probably has no intention but is powerless.
“I reported it to the sect master, but I still haven’t found it.”
“Didn’t find anything?”
Lu Bei wondered aloud: “If it is Zhan Lexian, there is no need to look for him. He is in the secret realm. This sect leader did not bury him in Xiongchu.”
“Sect Master, your apprentice is missing.”
“Where did I come from? There is such a one.”
/Lu Bei raised his hand and touched his chin.