“What about Mu Ziwei? She is the Ziwei of Xuanyin Division in Yuezhou. Huolong Mountain is located at the junction of Ningzhou and Pingzhou. It can’t be reached with eight poles. Why is she here?”

“A new official took office in Yuezhou, and the turmoil has not yet been settled. The superiors were worried that she would be assassinated and would not be able to explain to the Taifu, so they gave her a long vacation.”
Hu San shrugged: “It just so happened that I met him on the road and brought him over.”
It’s weird to believe you!
Lu Bei glared at Hu San angrily: “I have a share in seeing you. I am responsible for the task. My brother, all the credit goes to you. I don’t want any of it. Is that okay?”
“I don’t care about credit or anything, the point is”
Hu San sighed with self-pity: “Okay, I’ll take you with me, but let’s talk about the ugly things earlier. I am commanding this operation, and the one named Mu is no exception. She will do whatever she is asked to do. The second brother is obedient, and must not You can’t make your own decisions, let alone”
[You have received the mission [Secret Realm Exploration]]
[Task description: In the barren land of Huolong Mountain, few monks paid attention to the lack of spiritual energy. A secret realm appeared overnight, and rumors spread everywhere, attracting the covetousness of many forces in the two-week land. Have you sensed an aura of conspiracy? ]
[Main mission: Find out the truth, reward 2 million experience points]
[Main mission: Explore the secret realm and reward according to contribution]
[Side mission: not triggered]
[Whether to accept? ]
After hearing the sweet message, Lu Bei decisively accepted the task. As for Hu San’s repeated instructions, he ignored them because they were not important and did not listen to a single word.
/Boom! !
There was a deafening explosion, and the array set up by the Emperor’s Sect was secretly destroyed by someone unknown. The golden light that obscured the sense of breath dissipated, and the mist-shrouded fairyland world was revealed to everyone.
The monks were frightened by the loud noise, but soon their fear was replaced by greed and desire. As a black light burst into the fairyland, colorful lights flashed continuously, and the innate and transformed gods hidden in the crowd used their own methods to rush into the secret realm one after another.
Thousands of monks with weaker cultivation levels were not willing to lag behind. They crowded together and rushed forward in groups. They broke through the barriers of Huangji Sect disciples and disappeared into the clouds one by one.
“To break through so quickly, Huangji Sect is keeping a low profile today!”
Hu San raised his eyebrows: “There’s a problem. I didn’t see the chief steward of Huangji Sect. Is he being held back by someone or the second brother? What do you think?”
/“Second brother?”
No one answered. Hu San stared blankly at the empty space beside him. Looking ahead, Lu Bei flew up into the air with his young lady, followed closely by Mu Ji