n despair and felt abandoned by the whole world. Even the masters in the new art field she invited were retreating, and no one dared to catch up. She could only shut her mouth and say nothing.

Because she knew that even if the Grand Master did not dare to rescue her, then others would be even less powerful.
Even Zheng Rui, who vaguely pursues her on weekdays, is avoiding her. The quasi-grandmasters in the old arts field who came from her home stopped and she could only sigh.
/She did not expect that Wang Xuan, who had not been seen in the last period of time, suddenly appeared, jumped in the air, and grabbed her ankle.
At that moment, she almost cried and felt integrated into the world again.
Wang Xuan threw away the alloy knife, hugged Zhao Qinghan’s legs, jumped up along her soft body, and directly grabbed one of the monster’s hind legs.
Zhao Qinghan’s face turned pale. She looked at the earth getting further and further away and the mountains and rivers getting smaller. She whispered: “You shouldn’t catch up, you will die too.”
The wind was strong and blew her words away, so she had to shout loudly.
“Don’t be afraid, it’s okay!” Wang Xuan said. He wanted to give this monster a try and let it slowly fall to the ground.
But he was afraid that he could not control the heat well, causing one beast and two people to fall into pieces.
“Hurry up and hug me. Otherwise, if this monster lets go of its claws, you will fall from the sky!” Wang Xuan shouted.
Zhao Qinghan did as he was told, opened his arms, and quickly hugged him tightly.
After a short time, the monster released its claws. After being freed, it wanted to catch and kill the man who had stuck to it like a dog-skin plaster.
Wang Xuan drew out his dagger and struck at the big paw that was protruding from it.
The monster’s big claws shone with cold light and were very sharp, but they were not enough to see in front of the dagger and were cut off directly. This frightened the monster and made its body tremble.
Wang Xuan was not polite and gave the monster’s hind legs a blow to bleed, but he did not dare to prick the vital parts for fear that it would be exhausted.
“Where is it going to fly to?” Zhao Qinghan held Wang Xuan in his arms, his voice trembling. In this night sky, overlooking the earth, he was really afraid of heights. If he failed, he would be shattered to pieces.
“I’m probably going to its lair. Don’t worry, just treat it as a journey in the dark moon.” Wang Xuan grabbed the monster’s leg with one hand and held a dagger in the other, studying how to start.
“Qiang Qiang Qiang!”
He quickly cut off the sharp claws on the monster’s two hind legs, which was equivalent to trimming its nails to prevent it from shaking and hurting people from time to time.
Unfortunately, the monster’s front paws were a bit far away and he couldn’t reach it, mainly because he was afraid that when he jumped over, he would accidentally throw Zhao Qinghan away.
“What are you shouting for? You can brag about having your feet trimmed by Wang Jiaozu himself