s emerge from the surface of this golden clock. The sun, moon, mountains, rivers, and all kinds of things are reduced to simple patterns.

Although the patterns are simple, with the stimulation of the golden bell, these patterns turn into light and shine around, and you can see the sun, moon, mountains, rivers and lakes, birds, animals, insects, fish and other strange phenomena flying out of the bell wall.
They are vivid and real, imprinted on the heaven and earth around Jiulong Mountain, forming a barrier from the outside world to protect Jiulong Mountain!
/When Da Zhong looked at it, he felt that the mark on his body suddenly became eclipsed.
It can certainly bloom into an extraordinary wall of light and form a bell outside the clock, but that is a unique skill that can only be displayed when you are desperate!
However, every time the Xiaoyao Bell rotates once, it causes the imprint of all living things to explode, and it continues to protect Jiulong Mountain, with ease and ease.
From this point alone, it failed.
“Are you Xiaoyao Zhong?”
The big clock said to the golden bell, “I am also a magic weapon refined by the master. We are two brothers. You stay with the master, and I stay in Xiaoshi Mountain to suppress the demon. The work we do is equally important to the master, and it has nothing to do with it. The distinction between noble and humble.”
The Xiaoyao clock turned slowly and slowly, and ignored it.
Da Zhong smiled and said: “Master made you look so beautiful, you are golden. Originally, I was also golden when I was first made.”
“I know.”
Xiaoyao Zhong’s consciousness fluctuated, and he finally ignored it lazily and said, “When Fellow Daoist Li made you, I was beside you. You were very glamorous at that time. But you were not golden at that time, your color was brass. color.”
Da Zhong was stunned, and said with a forced smile: “The brass color is just a little different from the gold color, the difference is not big.”
“The gap is huge.”
Xiaoyao Zhong solemnly said, “The difference between you and me is the difference between gold and copper. When Li Daoyou refined you, he just found some brass, refined it into a bell, and put a copy of my brand into yours.” In the body. But when Li Daoyou refined me, he searched for rare treasures in the world, collected gold crystals from Nanshan Mountain, refined the essence of Mount Tai, collected gold and stones from alien stars in the sky, stole fairy fire, and tempered it day and night. It took forty-nine years to refine it. Then he Put me into his Xiyi territory, put me in the Yujing Profound Gate, and use the great road of heaven and earth that I built to imprint on it repeatedly, and it will take a hundred years to complete.”
Hearing this, Da Zhong felt sad in his heart and said with a smile: “Me too. The master said that there is no distinction between high and low in the magic weapon in his heart.”
Xiaoyao Zhong said lightly: “You are different. Fellow Daoist Li spent a hundred and fifty years in refining me. During these one hundred and fifty yea