he had no talent in business and would lose every job he worked in. The entire Lingxiao Sword Sect was almost at a loss.

Lu Bei didn’t believe a word of Lin Buyan’s lies, but he was quite generous to the Lingxiao Sword Sect and promised that after the fall of the Iron Sword Alliance, he would open a secret realm for everyone to enter and mine the cultivation resources.
Having reaped the benefits, Lin Buyan nodded with satisfaction. He looked at Lu Bei with a much more pleasing look than before. He suddenly thought of something and frowned: “When it comes to the secret realm, I have a question. You said that you are quite convinced of Senior Brother.” , why did you pretend to be him in the secret realm and frame up a bunch of troubles?”
If morality is not matched, there will be disaster, and if people are not worthy of wealth, there will be harm. Lin Buyan is very confident in his son, and he is not worthy of Lu Bei’s reputation. Sooner or later there will be trouble.
“Lin Yinwei want to hear the truth or lies?”
“Of course it’s the truth.”
“The world only knows senior sister Bai Jin, but not senior brother Lin Yu. I can’t stand it and help him become famous.”
/“Where are the lies?”
“I think you, Master, are quite displeased, and you are the same. You have been holding back your thoughts for a long time, and I guess there will be a battle between you and me. My uncle, brother, and sister treat me very well. You are their close friend. I can’t kill you, I can only beat you to death.”
Lu Bei said unceremoniously: “I didn’t know before that you were a soldier of this Ziwei. In order to protect the Lingxiao Sword Sect, you planned to seize the position of the leader. I will personally lead the people to abandon the dark side and turn to the bright side to build momentum for senior brother. One day he can take over the leadership position.”
I see.
Lin Buyan was convinced. Not only was he not angry about Lu Bei’s blatant plan to seize the throne, he also highly praised it.
Without him, considering the safety of Lingxiao Sword Sect, this plan is extremely feasible.
“By the way, I just have a question that I’ve been holding back for a long time.”
Lu Bei looked around and murmured in a low voice: “Senior Sister Bai, isn’t she a Qinggan princess?”
Lin Buyan choked for a moment and looked at Lu Bei strangely: “Why is your senior sister a remnant of the Qing Dynasty? Where did you hear the gossip? Can’t you just hope for her?”
“It’s not the best, otherwise it would be too difficult.”
Lu Bei breathed a sigh of relief and explained: “Master left early. At that time, I didn’t know much about the Lingxiao Sword Sect. I thought you were the leader of the rebels. My senior sister was also covered in black spots. For the sake of a well-planned plan, I did everything worst plans.”
The two of them put aside their doubts and formally discussed how to act.
In terms of acting, both said they had no problem, but they had differences on the script.
/Lin Buyan believed that in order to lure the Heavenly Sword Sect t