ct, Chu Weiyang had already silently shook his head, and then went further. He walked towards the Zen Master, and in that hoarse voice came something deep and shocking to the Zen Master’s mind.

Very indescribable.
It seemed that in the dark, what Zen Master Yuehua heard was not the hoarse and cold voice of Chu Weiyang, but some kind of jade sound colliding between some very strange bells and cauldrons. The light Taoist sound, and the moment the Taoist sound fell, the Zen master felt that his thoughts were stagnant, and even the torrent of memory itself was solidifying.
/The voice began to inquire more deeply into the Tao and Dharma that were revealed one after another in the torrent of frozen memory of the Zen master.
I want to ask if you have any great ideas!
Genori, in this flash, Chu Weiyang’s hoarse voice sounded one after another. This graceful sound of the light jade touch not only never stopped, nor did it disappear. Instead, it never stopped. Like the sounds overlapping together, it seems like a trickle, but what is washed and purified in this trickle is the essence of the Zen master’s Taoism.
“Value? In the eyes of a Zen master, the interpretation and elaboration of Tao and Dharma, and the ultimate gracefulness between the rotation of Tao and Dharma. The beautiful picture scroll created by the collision of the colorful and magnificent appearance, all of these, the value, the Tao and the Dharma, actually exist like this in the mouth of the Zen master!
I am just a poor person who has such a small and original view on a certain way or a certain Dharma. Zen Master will never insult me. ”
When the words fell, the light voice suddenly stopped.
It was as if the invisible hand that had tightly grasped the essence of the Zen Master’s Taoism suddenly let go at this moment, and then the Zen Master seemed to be able to breathe.
In a moment of relief, the Zen master looked at Chu Weiyang in shock.
Has this person actually walked such a far-reaching path through the seal of Tao and Dharma?
This is “going against the grain” at the level of pure Taoism!
In Zen Master Yuehua’s opinion, this is not the way that when Chu Weiyang spoke, he mixed the charm of the Taoist heart in his tone when the Yuan embryo, which was the seed of supernatural powers, was born. The light Taoist sounds between each word and every sound, It represents Chu Weiyang’s actual achievements in Taoism.
Far worse!
At this moment, Zen Master Yuehua, who realized such a “real gap”, not only did not get angry because of Chu Weiyang’s questioning, but instead felt some unspeakable guilt and shame because of the questioning itself.
As a result, the Zen master even felt aggrieved and wanted to take the initiative to explain something to Chu Weiyang.
“Pindao is wrong! The original intention of Pindao is not to belittle the Tao and the Dharma, nor to humiliate fellow Taoists! It’s just that the world of Baoxian Nine Chambers is changing and strange. This is a fact. Pindao wants to teach fellow Taoists to avoid it for the time being. Just avoid it,