was immersed in enlightenment, Chu Weiyang either found a quiet room and went into retreat for a short time, revealing the poisonous evil energy of the five aggregates, and using the excessively superior poisonous evil power itself to counteract the evil spirit. Xiang Caijiao removes the charm and meaning of the superb skills.

Or he is always concentrating on the power of the golden elixir that activates the Taiyin Refining Mysterious Coffin. With the essential power refined by the treasure, he can understand the kind of life towards death, the grinding between life and death, and finally the Taiyin transformation. The supreme Taoist principles of Zhenyang.
Even Chu Weiyang often suffered from the limitations of his spiritual thoughts because of this, which made Xiao Yuluo have to do the icing on the cake. In the process of joining the three yuan, they made each other’s divine yuan become one, and they joined the avenue.
While living in seclusion in the Taoist temple, Chu Weiyang often appeared in the halls of the Taoist temple, entertaining the great monks of the Golden Pill realm who came to visit Chu Weiyang with Taoist Fruit Demon Pills. .
At first, because the Taoist was too immersed in studying the Tao and enlightening the Dharma, he felt that such a reception was a waste of his time. He even thought about showing the Tao Zhouzi’s Dharma in the Taoist courtyard to condense all the truth-returning Tao seeds on his behalf.
But before such an idea could take root, Chu Weiyang suddenly felt that the condensation of the two Tao Seeds was helpful for him to understand the Taoism.
In fact, before, Chu Weiyang paid too much attention to Shang Bo’s words of “summarizing what he has learned into a classic”, but ignored it. In fact, there was still some kind of speechless expression in Shang Bo’s last compliment. This kind of guidance is in line with the “classic” theory in the previous sentence.
/“Look now, Lord Chushan is walking on a road that leads to the same goal. Is this talisman and seal pattern completed in writing? Is this the true path of return, a unique classic? Lord Chushan, is he a great talent?”
The seal pattern on the talisman has been completed into writing?
Returning to the true Taoism, is it a classic that is different from the image?
Although Uncle Shang’s words of flattery and praise were actually mixed with water, but to be able to teach Uncle Shang to speak like this, there must be an inevitable connection in nature that seemed logical to Uncle Shang.
Chu Weiyang had actually already done this with the seal patterns and characters on the talisman. The seal patterns written all over the talisman paper were for this purpose.
And return to the classics of true Taoism and different images.
At first, Chu Weiyang had never thought of this aspect, but now he sees that it is indeed formless and formless. It is about to be written down, and the magic method is used to burn away all the seal patterns with form, leaving only the true meaning. classic”.
It is a wordless Taoist book.
/In fact, once