ji Ding felt a sense of excitement.

“Following Zhang Xiaozi, it’s true. In such a short period of time, he has obtained an innate divine fire of the treasure level of heaven and earth. He must have great hope of becoming a Taoist. When the time comes, as his natal spiritual treasure, I can also Follow him through the great catastrophe, not to mention follow him to see the emperor again.”
The King of Sheji was also focused on bringing out the extraordinary power of the King’s Ding, assisting Zhang Jian in refining several of the treasures of heaven and earth, and fully integrating them into the power of the Mountain and River Sheji Map.
Putting the jade medal into his sleeve, Zhang Jian then took a look at other areas on the outer layer.
He felt that within this large red cloud, there were also broken forbidden laws in other outer areas, but there were too many of them and the distance across domains was long, so Zhang Jian did not choose to continue to intervene.
He knew that it might be a testing ground for other human emperors in the future, and there was no need for him to interfere too much.
Zhang Jian chose to just meet him, and immediately entered the inner layer through the red cloud channel in front of him.
Zhang Jian’s behavior also fell into the eyes of Hongyun secretly.
His eyes fluctuated, and there was a rare emotion in his eyes, with a hint of thinking.
At this time, deep in the void, Zhang Jian crossed a magnificent space-time passage.
The figure appeared in a strange time and space.
There is no longer a scene surrounded by countless fire clouds.
Although there are still bright clouds, they are no longer dense and scattered.
Instead, a magnificent sea of ??clouds appeared in front of us. It stood here as if it were the beginning of the world. There was a magnificent sky above the sky, which was extremely vast and holy.
Where the skylight shines, in the center of the sea of ??clouds is a huge stone cave.
The stone cave has a magnificent Tao charm that Zhang Jian has never seen before.
/It is surrounded by a layer of supreme and noble purple, and it contains indescribable mysteries of heaven and earth.
Even if Zhang Jian just glanced at it, he felt as if his innate soul was lost in the magnificent Taoist rhythm.
/“This is the inner layer!”
Zhang Jian thought to himself.
His eyes fell on the stone cave. Based on his experience, he could not tell the origin of this sacred stone. He just felt that it seemed to be in harmony with the Fire Cloud Cave and the sky, as if the heaven and earth were created, and it had been like this forever.
Zhang Jian now landed in front of the cave again.
There is another sacred monument in front, with several magnificent golden innate talisman seals on the inscription.
Several innate talismans and seals seemed to be nurtured by heaven and earth.
“At the beginning of the Fifth Supreme Dynasty, the sky is filled with fire clouds and caves!”
Zhang Jian glanced over, sighing in his eyes.
In addition, he found eight other large characters under the small sac