will go back and make arrangements immediately.”

will go back and make arrangements immediately.”
Leave professional matters to professional people, Qin Da said it will be fine.
At least taking the initiative from now on, Qiao Xingwang no longer looked at the ceiling. He patted the table and made the final decision: “Okay, that’s the division of labor. I will be in charge of the Chengdong Branch. Comrade Han Bo will go back to the Liangzhuang Branch and act separately. If there is any news in time, Ventilate.”
When we first started cooperating to investigate the 02.28 case, he even ordered Deputy Director Zhao Donghai to extort several municipal public security bureaus when investigating companies with huge tax amounts in Jiangnan.
As long as there is no one higher than him, he is the leader. He has a bit of Lao Lu’s demeanor, but the number of people who respect him is far less than the number of people who respect Lao Lu.
Han Bo took it for granted, stood up, saluted, and walked out of the conference room with his four subordinates.
“Changxing, you are responsible for supervising the salvage and river inspection; I am most familiar with the situation, and I am responsible for the bottom-up work; Wang Da, you and Tang Suo should take a rest as soon as possible after you return. This is a protracted war and we cannot focus entirely on it. We will start from now on. Two shifts.”
Gao Changxing opened the door of car No. 7, turned on the police lights, and went straight to salvage the river section.
Old Tang got into the off-road vehicle and couldn’t help but ask: “Bureau Han, did you really hand over the four suspects that Instructor Chen arrested this afternoon?”
Old Tang, Old Tang, Liangzhuang Branch is not the previous Liangzhuang Police Station. Liangzhuang Police Station is not the Dinghu Police Station you once called home.
/Shuishang Police Station is a relatively deserted grassroots police station. He has been staying on the edge of Gangyu River, another important waterway in Sigang, since the Spring Festival. He is not very clear about what happened in the police station.
“Tang Station, there are just a few suspects, and the Korean Bureau doesn’t care at all.”
Wang Jiefang explained with a smile: “In terms of revenue generation, the Korean Bureau has completed the revenue-generating tasks of our public security bureaus for two to three years in the past few months; in terms of attack targets, the detention center is concerned Most of the suspects in custody were sent by the Korean Bureau. The procuratorate was either busy with the cases transferred by the Korean Bureau, or preparing to take over the major cases that the Korean Bureau was about to transfer. A few small thieves were not even the icing on the cake. Go up.”
“The revenue-generating task of the entire public security bureau for two to three years?”
“Where do you think the police cars and computers allocated to your police station come from?”
/“The past can only represent the past, and the top priority is the case at hand.” Han Bopai He patted the steering whee