scovered, which means that the guess is wrong and it will take a few more days to dig other places.

scovered, which means that the guess is wrong and it will take a few more days to dig other places.
Or it could be a secret room full of treasure that can be harvested tonight.
Before the brick was removed, no one knew what was inside
. This long-lasting treasure hunt plan had been planned by Han Xuan for more than half a year, including the three months of digging the tunnel. Now it has finally come to fruition. At that time, he was very excited.
Seeing Jason pull back the dagger and prepare to take away the brick, Han Xuan lowered his voice and said: “Let me come, you prepare the flashlight. First, oxygen bottles and put them on. The last time the secret room was opened, it was more than 100. Years ago, who knew what the hell was in the air.”
After hearing this, several people immediately ran back to get oxygen bottles from the electric fan.
Not everyone has come down. For example, Gabriel and Irving, who Han Xuan is very relieved about, are waiting at the exit of the tunnel, ready to enter the tunnel at any time to meet these people, just in case.
In the eyes of the bodyguards, it was a very dangerous move for Han Xuan to come down, but he really wanted to see it with his own eyes this time. When he said he wanted to go in during the day, his tone was very serious.
They had no choice but to let him go after a simple meeting. Anyway, none of the five people had weapons on them.
Originally, he planned to send them away first, but considering that there was a shortage of manpower, a large number of porters might be needed, so Han Xuan asked Hannah, Angelo, Augustine and others to stay. They would be needed to transport the things later. Why not build some trust now?
The tunnels are supported by solid metal supports, so as long as you are careful, you are not afraid of danger.
Isabelle is not here. Her parents went to the Maldives for vacation, not far from here. She went to see her parents a week ago and they haven’t come back yet.
Han Xuan is worried about Augustine and Angelo meeting Qian Yan, and Their group of people are also worried about whether these bodyguards will kill people and silence them.
Judging from the several large trucks prepared by Han Xuan, the amount of things to be transported this time is definitely a lot. At the same time, it also means that the amount of treasure is staggering. In order to prevent the news from leaking, there is a high possibility of killing people and silencing them.
/The two gangs were afraid of each other.
Han Xuan stepped on a can, and their bodies trembled slightly. They were all on alert, ready to take action at any time.
Seeing the abnormality of the scene, Han Xuan said with a smile: “Everyone, relax and smile. We are here to make a fortune, not to fight. If I pull out this brick later, I will see the scene I hope to see. , each person can get at least 3,000,000 US dollars!”
Everyone took a breath.
These people all have some money in their hands, but no one thinks they have too much money.
The purchasing power of three million US