I’m just here to reminisce with the Han detachment. I’m disrespectful. Welcome.”

I’m just here to reminisce with the Han detachment. I’m disrespectful. Welcome.”
A person’s name is like the shadow of a tree.
The nickname “Han Strike” is not for nothing. He has so many friends in the Anle City Public Security System, and two of them are even his former subordinates.
After a long separation, Qu Cong and Xiao Dan were so excited that they held Han Bo’s hand tightly. Zhou Suying was very envious, while Wan Hailong was elated and felt that there was a future in working with such a leader.
Anle has a much longer history than Nangang and has many places of interest. It is the May Day holiday and tourists can be seen everywhere.
Cheng Wenming was lying in a hospital thousands of kilometers away. There was no news about the drug case he was supervising. His wife was waiting at home. Han Bo was in no mood and had no time to travel.
He got into the Santana police car and said bluntly: “Detachment Feng, if you send inspection materials to our criminal technology center for inspection and analysis, I will not make any demands and will only actively assist. But when we came to Anle, Bureau Cao even planned to let us Meet the victim and relatives of the suspect. This is not just as simple as the identification of physical evidence. We want to see the scene and case materials first, and meet the suspect first.” A madman commits a crime with no motive and no
witnesses. The interrogation is simply a fool’s errand, except A hammer with the victim’s blood on it and nothing else.
This kind of case is very troublesome to get right, and you have to work with the relatives of the victim and the suspect. If you make a mistake, it will be more troublesome, make a big joke, and even cause bad effects.
If you want someone to “endorse” you, of course you have to make things clear.
The bureau was mentally prepared, and Feng Chengcheng agreed: “No problem, Detachment Han. In fact, we originally wanted to ask you to help with the check.” “We can’t
/talk about checking. We just want to know what we know and talk to the relatives of the parties involved.” When we talk, we won’t be ignorant of everything.”
“Let’s go to the hotel first and settle down first.”
“To be honest, we are quite busy. Detachment Feng, how about we divide our troops into three groups and I will go to the scene with you to see Look, Bureau Ning will accompany our political commissar to meet the suspect, and then arrange for a comrade to send Hai Long to the technical department to use your equipment to extract and inspect it again.” “Political
Commissar Zhou meets the suspect?” A female comrade went to the detention center to see the madman, Ning Yi’an found it incredible.
“Ning Ju, our political commissar is an expert in mental illness. He has served as the vice president of Ankang Hospital and is a member of our Nangang psychiatric identification expert team.”
The Nangang City Bureau went too far. Not only did they separate criminal technology, but the political commissars assigned to “Korean Strike” were all experts. Ning Yi’a