nd concubine.

nd concubine.
“Yanzi, Xiao Li, you young people should sit at the same table so that you can chat. Come on, Zeng Fanmeng, eldest sister-in-law, third sister-in-law, let’s go find seats elsewhere.” With that, Wang Bo’s second concubine Zeng Fantao pulled him The third uncle, eldest aunt, and third aunt left.
Once the three people left, there were only ten people left, just enough to gather around a table.
Wang Bo’s mother and god-sister are here, and the women around him, whether they are the “real” Liang Ya, or the “partial wives” Zhong Jiahui, Sun Li, Tian Xin, Jiang Mei, Zheng Yan, including those from “Blog China” who are nothing CEO Li Qing seemed reserved and restrained as soon as she sat down. Zeng Fanyu himself was obviously aware of this. After sitting down, he didn’t eat more than two chopsticks, so he said he had something to ask Wang Bo’s uncle and asked the ladies sitting there to eat slowly. They had been tired all night, so they must eat more. He ordered Wang Bo and Zeng Ping to greet the girls.
When the girls saw Wang Bo’s mother standing up, they all stood up too. They kept saying that they were not tired at all and reassured their maids that they knew they were taking care of themselves.
/Wang Bo, on the other hand, sat awkwardly and did not stand up. Instead, he picked up his chopsticks and ate happily. From last night to now, in order to show that he was “sad and uncomfortable” and “in pain,” he had hardly eaten anything, and now he was really a little hungry.
After Zeng Fanyu left, the somewhat tense atmosphere suddenly relaxed. The girls sat back down, picked up their chopsticks, and started eating.
Although it was a funeral banquet, the custom here did not prohibit alcohol. In addition to various drinks, Wang Bo provided Wuliangye, Great Wall Dry Red and Tsingtao Beer to the guests. The beers were red and white. The guests could drink whatever they wanted. own intention. Optimistic and open-minded Sichuan people have always had the tradition of treating funerals as wedding banquets. Many people eat and drink, play cards and mahjong after dinner, and even invite opera troupes to sing and dance at the funeral banquet. If it weren’t for the filial son and grandson still wearing a white cloth on his head and the guests still wearing black gauze on their sleeves, some people would believe that the family was holding some kind of wedding banquet or birthday banquet. What Sichuan people want is this kind of effect, so that the host should not be too sad. The deceased is gone, but the living will continue to live, so they should grieve and accept the change, don’t think so much, be optimistic, open-minded, and unrestrained. It is enough to be kind to the deceased when he is alive. Otherwise, “being unfilial while alive and urinating after death” would be ridiculous and in vain, and can only coax ghosts.
/The May 12 earthquake in 2008 killed countless people in Sichuan. Many people who assisted in reconstruction from other provinces found that the people in Sichuan had not survived the earthq