m, two mismatched old leather single sofas, and a log wooden table.

m, two mismatched old leather single sofas, and a log wooden table.
On the wooden table lay a laptop with its own printing function, a few scattered pens and a document that looked like it had just been bound.
“Mr. Ludodge, can I see the document?” After Tina entered the room, she quickly walked to the wooden table and asked, pointing to the document.
“Of course, Miss Tina.”
Tina smiled and picked up the document. After reading it carefully, she said with satisfaction: “The terms of this document are very reasonable and there are no problems. After both parties sign, the contract will take effect immediately.
Li Sir, don’t waste time. Come and take a look. If you don’t have any objections, you can sign.”
“Okay.” Zhang Lisheng said, walked to Tina, took the document without even looking at it, and signed on each page. ‘lishengzhang’ is involved everywhere.
When Tina saw Zhang Lisheng’s name, she immediately said loudly to Lu Daoqi: “Now it’s your turn, Mr. Lu Daoqi. Fill in your name in the signature column of the transaction party, and our business will be completed.
Li Sheng, you use On Mr. Lu Daoqi’s computer, log in to your online account at Midland Bank and prepare for the transfer. As soon as he signs, I will notify you to transfer the money immediately.”
“Okay.” Zhang Lisheng said, playing with the notebook on the wooden table. computer, and soon found that I could not log into the network at all.
While Zhang Lisheng was operating the computer, Lu Daoqi chuckled softly, “Hey…”, walked to the wooden table with vigorous steps, picked up the signature pen, and signed his name on the contract. The timing did not allow her to think too
Mr. Ludodge, may I ask what your bank account number is…”
“This computer cannot log into the network. “At this time, Zhang Lisheng suddenly said.
Lu Daoqi’s quick movements, Tina subconsciously felt that something was not quite right, but her conscious mind was unable to react for the moment.
The timing did not allow her to think too much. Tina picked up the contract from the wooden table, looked at it again, and said loudly: “Okay, Li Sheng, you can transfer the money to Mr. Ludodge.”
Tina was stunned and hurriedly took out her mobile phone. , said to Lu Daoqi: “Don’t worry Mr. Lu Daoqi, my mobile phone also has online payment function, your money will not be less, soon…
Oh, why is there no signal on my mobile phone.
Mr. Ludodge, we didn’t delay payment on purpose…”
/“It’s okay, little girl, of course I believe you didn’t delay payment on purpose.
Don’t think so much. Now that we have completed the deal, we should celebrate with a glass of champagne. You wait for me, I will get the champagne and wine glasses. ”
Seeing that Lu Daoqi didn’t seem to be busy urging the payment, but instead walked into the back room to get the red wine inexplicably, Tina said in astonishment: “No, Mr. Lu Daoqi, it’s too late, I have to drive back to New York City. Let’s just have champagne…”
But Lu Daoqi seemed to have not heard Tina’s refusal at all, and w