wonderful misunderstanding in his career.

wonderful misunderstanding in his career.
At this time, no one noticed that after giving the ball to Christie, Sun Hao started running without the ball.
His thinking is very clear.
Prince is the kind of player who likes to actively engage in physical confrontation to force you to stop the ball, and then uses his weak points to prevent you from breaking through.
The best way to break through his defense is to reduce physical contact, which can be said to be from on-ball to off-ball.
Moreover, the quality of the pick-and-roll provided by Malone’s ball was also high, and Prince was stuck.
Sun Hao took a mid-range shot after receiving the ball.
Although he still uses three-pointers to attack more, his mid-range has also reached the gold level after two seasons of use.
After taking the shot now, the ball’s silkiness is only a little worse than a three-pointer.
That little bit doesn’t matter.
The basketball hit the net hollowly.
Well, after Finley accidentally contained the Pistons’ defense, Sun Hao used his off-ball movement to score a goal.
This may also be the easiest goal the Lakers have scored since the beginning of the game.
27 to 33!
The Lakers narrowed the point difference to 6 points.
Anthony made the same catch and shot without the ball.
Still nothing, O’Neal protected the defensive rebound.
Anthony was made very uncomfortable by Ariza at the beginning of tonight’s game, and he still hasn’t regained his form.
This is the only unstable factor in the pre-game analysis of the Pistons. Their offensive core is only in their second year and is overflowing with talent, but their stability needs to be improved.
But their defense is really good.
Johnson was very proud of his defensive counterattack, but the Pistons were completely basic, and the Lakers’ fast break was delayed.
They could only advance to the frontcourt and continue to play positions.
/At this time, it is not surprising to see that the Pistons always score 70 or 80 points with their opponents.
They and the Suns are really two extremes.
/D’Antoni has studied offense to the extreme. “7-second offense” and “V-shaped fast break” are all the products of extreme research.
The Pistons have made all defensive details perfect.
To describe it in one sentence: It’s not impossible for you to score points, but I have to peel off the layers for you first.
Sun Hao’s off-ball movement was targeted by the Pistons’ defense.
The Pistons’ defense changes are not unlimited like the Warriors’, but even Ben, as a center, moves very slowly.
In a sense, their mismatch defensive ability is no worse than that of the Warriors, but Brown did not form a tactical system.
And, they don’t just switch defenses.
When Sun Hao received the ball and prepared to play out of position, the help defense from the weak side immediately came up.
Fans who have watched the 2004-05 season finals will be very familiar with this scene:
Duncan held the ball and hit Rasheed with his back, turned around and squeezed past Rashe