she transformed into a hundred-foot-long giant sword and slashed at Zhang Lisheng.

she transformed into a hundred-foot-long giant sword and slashed at Zhang Lisheng.
The tip of the giant sword depicts a square stone city, the blades on both sides are carved with towering mountains, the spine of the sword has lines like sea waves, the sword ring is like a round cloud, and the hilt is in the shape of a man and a woman having sex. Looks clumsy and slow.
But when it flew and slashed hard on the head of the young man who was unable to hide and could only tilt his head to dodge, it sharply broke half of his Tianling Cap, slicing off the skull, revealing his slightly beating brain.
At this time, even if Lu Tiandao still had a trace of mana and swung his sword, no matter how strong the enemy was, he would definitely die. Unfortunately, after she burned her soul and sent out the most powerful sword at the cost of no bones left, she left behind all that power with her astonishing willpower. A ray of remnant soul no longer has the ability to cast spells, and can only watch in despair as the giant sword disappears between heaven and earth.
“If you chop my brain, even if my divine power has the ability to repair everything, I will definitely die from losing consciousness. It’s a pity that God won’t let you.” In the cloud, the bloody Zhang Lisheng felt the sound coming from his seriously injured body. The pain seemed to tear apart the soul, but he felt extremely happy in his heart. Looking at Lu Tiandao’s remnant soul, his voice became louder and louder, roaring through the sky: “God forbids you!
Since God allowed me to escape this disaster today, then it was given to me by God. Your Taoist family has left behind the disaster of overthrow. I hereby swear by the name of my god, Wu Li, that one day I will destroy your inheritance, level your mountain gates, and slaughter your roots. If you violate this word, heaven and earth will hate you!”
Accompanied by this roar ! With bursts of angry thunder in the rolling red clouds, the blurred face of Lu Tiandao’s remnant soul showed complex expressions of regret, hatred, and anger, and finally twisted and dissipated in the hurricane in despair.
After annihilating his enemies and venting all his hatred, Zhang Lisheng calmed down again.
/After contemplating for a moment, he intuitively felt that he couldn’t stay in the situation he was in. He also thought about the significance of being ambushed in Diao’ao Villa. In the end, he could only choose to fly to the hole in the void with a heavy face, and worked hard to tear open the hole bit by bit. , risking his life and got in.
At the moment when the young man shook his body and flew into the rift in space, he accidentally caught a glimpse of dozens of figures suddenly appearing on the mountains at his feet. Then he felt that his vision went dark, and the extremely contradictory feeling seemed like thousands of years. Time passed silently, and it seemed like only a few seconds had passed. When he regained his sight, he was already floating above Wu Li’s ancestral land.
The moment Zhang Lisheng returned to the