at the negligible 0.4 seconds left and shook his head helplessly.

at the negligible 0.4 seconds left and shook his head helplessly.
If he traveled through the future like Sun Hao, he would tell many classic NBA countdown shots.
Roy’s buzzer-beater against Houston in 0.9 seconds, Carter’s buzzer-beater against the Raptors in 0.5 seconds, Tyson Chandler’s buzzer-beater against the Grizzlies in 0.2 seconds, and even David Lee’s ultimate buzzer-beater in 0.1 seconds.
But, those are actually things that happened after that.
At this time, Nelson’s knowledge was that countdown kills had never happened before in the NBA.
This has something to do with the previous lag of the timer, but this is the reality.
No, it happened once!
Well, the person who did that was Sun Hao.
It was against the Lakers in the regular season last season. Sun Hao used a move similar to the “alley-oop three-pointer” in “Heizi’s Basketball” to complete the 0.8-second buzzer beater.
However, that is also 0.8 seconds, which is still very different from 0.4 seconds.
Therefore, although there are 0.4 seconds left, it is still no different from losing.
Not only Nelson, but also the Mavericks players are demoralized.
The feeling of losing at the last moment after fighting for a whole game is really terrible.
Although there was no chance of winning, Nelson still fulfilled his responsibility as head coach and took out the tactical board to prepare for the final attack.
But at this moment, to his surprise, Sun Hao suddenly spoke.
This opening was a bit sudden, but Old Nelson did not interrupt his beloved disciple’s speech.
/“Do you know the Trent Tucker rules?”
Sun Hao continued.
Trent Tucker Rule, as an NBA player, you must be familiar with this.
This rule came about because when the Knicks and Bulls were playing in 1990, Trent Tucker received a pass from his teammate with 0.1 seconds left in the game, turned around and hit a three-pointer, helping the Knicks win the game. .
The Bulls later protested, believing that 0.1 seconds simply couldn’t complete that kind of shot.
Afterwards, NBA officials watched the game video replay frame by frame and determined that Tucker’s shot was invalid.
So in the following season, the league was like a patch and introduced a rule specifically for this type of shot. Because it was triggered by Trent Tucker, it was called the Trent Tucker Rule. .
The rules are roughly as follows: A player needs at least 0.3 seconds to catch the ball and then shoot, regardless of whether he makes the shot.
To explain in vernacular, if there are only 0.3 seconds left in the game, your shot will be directly deemed invalid.
This also led to a very funny scene in history in 2005.
The Bulls were also playing the Knicks, and with 0.1 seconds left, all five Bulls players shrank from the basket and looked at Kurt Thomas, who was receiving the ball from the outside, as if they were watching a show.
Because even if he takes action, it will be deemed invalid if he scores.
So when there are only 0.3 seconds or less left in the game, just give up the game?