l your wish for revenge.” “

l your wish for revenge.” ”
/This may not be possible.” Nicholas sneered and said, “I have already Their location has been determined.”
“But if you want to save your remaining teammates and successfully kill the group of Chinese agents, you can’t do without my help. Nicholas, you should treat this matter rationally.” The supervisor deliberately described the identities of Yin Kuang and others as “agents”.
“Agents?” Nicholas asked, “Are they agents?”
“A group of Chinese agents using Chinese students as cover,” the supervisor said. Then, he added: “They are also elites.”
Sure enough, Nicholas was fooled, “Elites? I will use my bullets to tell you what the real elites are. I hope your weapons assistance can arrive as soon as possible, I I can no longer allow them to breathe the air of the same city as me. Now!”
After saying that, he slammed the phone in his hand.
The supervisor smiled proudly and said, “Look, as I said, everything is under my control.”
“Sir, what about Alice and the Furies plan?” a technician asked anxiously.
“What? Do you still want me to teach you?”
“Idiot! Idiot!” The supervisor kicked the technician away and said, “Who told you to stop! Continue everything, record and sort out all the data, and synchronize it Transmit it to the company headquarters! Also, nothing has happened here, you don’t know any Chinese agents, and there are no Labradors, only the goddess of revenge, and that sexy Alice? Do you understand? ”
Obviously, this manager with vain ambitions intends to turn this thing around. Things were hidden. And once actual results are obtained from that dog, all the credit belongs to him alone. All the glory, fame, fortune, and status will belong to him!
/“Yes, yes.”
Everyone here is not stupid, knowing that this supervisor wants to take all the credit for himself. Although I hated this insidious supervisor who was stingier than Grandet, I didn’t dare to show any disobedience. They don’t want to be caught feeding zombies.
There was a soft gunshot, and a zombie’s head exploded with a “pop”, blood and rotten flesh flying, and then the headless corpse fell to the ground.
Li Shuangmu took back the Desert Eagle with a tight head. He didn’t like the Desert Eagle equipped with a silencer very much. He was even more obsessed with the rough roar of the sand eagle and the recoil that made his jaw numb. However, in order to prevent the sound of shooting from alerting more zombies, he could only install a silencer.
Moreover, he was a little uneasy at this time. When you are in a bad mood, everything you look at will make you feel unhappy.
Even Zeng Fei slowed down the car again and again in order to minimize the sound of the engine.
Some of the streetlights on this street were still working, so there was plenty of light, and it was more spacious than the previous road. If it weren’t for some ordinary zombies gradually walking out on the left and right, Zeng Fei really wanted to step on the accelerator and feel the passion brought by that speed.
After the last zomb