ll without hesitation and then signaled to pull away.

ll without hesitation and then signaled to pull away.
He played from the Trail Blazers to the Spurs and is very familiar with Sun Hao, an old rival.
The Spurs also defended very outside.
Popovich did not use zone defense. This defensive strategy was the same as last year and at the beginning of the season. He mainly defended three-pointers and the basket, and allowed certain mid-range opportunities.
Sun Hao took a step back to look at the frame after dribbling continuously.
This was a very deceptive move. Smith was afraid of Sun Hao’s three-pointer and pounced on it.
Unguarded, he suddenly stopped and shot from mid-range.
Sun Hao broke the scoring drought for the Mavericks.
Duncan continued to beat Sabonis inside, and his hook shot missed after a series of steps.
Sabonis, the interior defense is really good!
They say he is almost retired because of his old age, but it was only two years ago that he stood up to O’Neal!
It is rare for the stone Buddha to be suppressed.
But it’s not surprising that talents such as singles in the three-second zone, height and wingspan are more important than skills.
Duncan’s tactical arrangement keeps playing in the three-second zone, and he cannot play to his advantages.
Looking back, Sun Hao continued to play Smith alone. This time Smith followed Sun Hao, but he still failed to prevent Sun Hao from scoring.
Although Sun Hao’s shot was slower after Jordan’s suggestion.
But that’s relative.
Single-action shooting is one level faster than double-action shooting.
Sun Hao’s mid-range shot came in again!
2 to 4!
After he scored 4 points in a row, the Mavericks overtook the score!
/In a defensive battle, Sun Hao was stunned and made a clear flow.
Popovich stood up at this time and gave Parker a new tactical signal.
The Spurs attacked the frontcourt again, and Duncan no longer went inside to beat Sabonis.
With Duncan’s support from the free throw line, Smith took advantage of the screen to catch the ball and shoot a three-pointer.
Unfortunately, his shot failed.
In fact, after entering the playoffs, Smith’s three-point shooting began to become sparse.
In the first round against the Trail Blazers, his shooting percentage plummeted to 30%.
After receiving the ball, Sun Hao pushed Smith forward into the frontcourt.
He made an emergency stop at the three-point line and scared Smith to death.
He broke into the mid-range.
Parker, who was retreating on the right side, saw it and retreated directly to the basket.
When Sun Hao saw it, he immediately stopped and chased him in the middle distance.
The basketball fell steadily into the bag, enjoying its silky smoothness.
Sun Hao hit three mid-range hits in a row!
In the future small ball era, three-pointers are highly respected, and the Houston team even developed a so-called “magic ball theory” under the leadership of D’Antoni.
It was a tactic that completely abandoned the mid-range and pushed three-pointers and the basket to the extreme.