the female knight Jacelin, not only was she not as arrogant as before, she even became incontinent.

the female knight Jacelin, not only was she not as arrogant as before, she even became incontinent.
Yin Kuang looked down at them with a smile and said: “Dear Master Elsir, we meet again.”
“What do you want to do?”
Elsir listened, and his eyes gradually widened until he heard the end. After saying a word, he rolled his eyes and fainted with a “uh” sound. The female knight was not stupid either. After understanding the meaning of Yin Kuang’s words, she screamed in horror and fainted.
Yin Kuang sighed, “You are really a fragile person.”
At this time, Lian Nishang also understood and said, “You want to use this guy to launch a rebellion!?”
What answered her was Yin Kuang’s snap of his fingers. .
In the end, Elsir was forced to reach an agreement with Yin Kuang, the “big devil”. The content of the agreement is simple: Rebellion seizes the imperial power of the Kane Empire!
Because this is Elsir’s only chance to survive.
If he refuses Yin Kuang, he will be judged by the three powerful forces of the Kane Empire, the Elf Queen, and the Ming of God for “kidnapping the elf princess and destroying international peace”, and he will undoubtedly die! Not just him, but his father, mother, brothers and sisters, the entire Galli Green family will be eliminated from the Kane Empire. Therefore, regardless of Yin Kuang’s threat and assistance, if he wants to survive and save his family, he can only eventually embark on the path of rebellion and seizing power.
So after Yin Kuang’s coercion and inducement, Elsir reached an agreement with Yin Kuang with complex emotions such as humiliation, anger, unwillingness, excitement, expectation, and longing.
After that, Yin Kuang did not restrict Elsir’s movements and asked him and his female knight to go and find a room on their own. Yin Kuang also knew not to push too hard, and that the right way was to relax. And Yin Kuang also knew that Elsir would immediately contact his father and family forces. Because the story of “Elsiel’s kidnapping of the elf princess” has gradually spread, it is necessary to act as soon as possible. In fact, the battle to rebel and seize power will begin tonight!
In Yin Kuang’s room. Lian Nishang said to Yin Kuang: “You don’t really want to support this guy to become the emperor of that empire, do you?” Yin Kuang smiled and said: “How is it possible? I said I would uproot him and his family. I got up.” Lian Nishang said: “Then you still said it?” Yin Kuang said: “It’s just talk. To the enemy, what I say is always a lie.” Lian Nishang glanced at Yin Kuang, “What about me? You Are all the words you said a lie?” Yin Kuang said: “I told you that you are targeting the enemy, so your question is meaningless.” It means, “You and I are not enemies now.”
Lian Nishang lowered her eyelids and said, “Then what do you plan to do?”
“Tell us!” Yin Kuang showed an evil smile, “I’ll tell you directly. My ultimate goal is to set off a turmoil in this Holy Light Continent. A global world war!”
/Lian Nishang said: “A world war? Can you start a world war just b