ked up a white dragon that disappeared and appeared in the dark clouds.

Therefore, thousands of residents in the entire village set up memorial tablets for the unknown white dragon, worshiped it morning and night, and prayed for good weather. In the next year, the town was really in good weather, and the residents in the town were very happy. But the good times didn’t last long. A year later, drought struck again without warning. No matter how much the townspeople worshiped the white dragon and prayed for rain, and even pushed ten young women into the Liusha River to “offer” it to the white dragon, there was still no improvement. As a result, the angry people burned down the ancestral hall dedicated to Bailong, smashed the memorial tablets, and ate the tributes. However, after venting their anger, thousands of people had to face a serious problem, drought!
However, in order to cover up their atrocity of burying the girl alive, they still called themselves “Shahe Town” to the outside world, and seriously excluded outsiders from entering. Over time, except for necessary activities, “Shahe Town” was almost isolated from the outside world, and “it was even unknown that Tang existed”.
And who knows, the reason why the willow spirit can call the wind and rain is that it got a “rain-calling orb” from a young man in white. The willow tree spirit was not willing to follow the instructions of the young man in white and call for some rain in Shahe Town during droughts. She longs to become stronger, long to become human, and long to live forever. Therefore, she provided rainwater to the village of Shahe Town on the condition that living human flesh and blood were used as nutrients. Because it received a large amount of pure Yin virgin flesh and blood and resentment as nourishment, the willow tree demon’s cultivation level increased rapidly. In just a hundred years, it had the demonic power that other monsters only had for three hundred years of cultivation. The willow tree demon knows that her future is bright and her path of cultivation is smooth. In just fifty years, she will become the “leader of all spirits”!
So, she doesn’t want to die, she really doesn’t want to die! She has worked hard and waited for a long hundred years, and she only had the last fifty years to achieve her wish. How could she be willing to die like this! ?
/“No! No!” The willow tree demon conveyed its mercy to Yin Kuang with his mind, “Spare me, I will agree to whatever you want! I will let you go immediately! Don’t kill me! If you kill me, thousands of people in this town will If they die because of you, without me giving them rain, they will all die! You will go to the eighteenth level of hell for committing such evil!”
Will Yin Kuang accept her plea for mercy? Can Yin Kuang accept her plea for mercy?
/“I’m sorry,” Yin Kuang said secretly, “I can only do this in order to carve out a bloody path and make up for my guilt towards Wei Ming!”
If Yin Kuang knew about the inhuman crimes committed by the townspeople and the willow tree demon over