oud voice, “Brother, this is the young hero I told you. What do you think? He can actually take a spear from me.”

oud voice, “Brother, this is the young hero I told you. What do you think? He can actually take a spear from me.”
Liu Bei stood up and walked down. Sitting in front of Yin Kuang, he raised his hands and bowed, and said warmly: “I am Liu Bei, whose courtesy name is Xuande. My third brother was born reckless and disturbed me. My younger brother’s fault is also his brother’s fault. Please don’t take it to heart.” .”
Yin Kuang hurriedly stretched out his hand and said: “Liu Shijun, please don’t do this, or you will offend me.” After saying that, he bowed in return and said, “The situation was very serious at that time. There were many misunderstandings, but Mr. Zhang is not to blame.”
/“Hi!” Zhang Fei shouted, “Brother, what are you doing?”
Liu Bei said, “Don’t say anything more. Why don’t you toast and apologize!”
Zhang Fei wilted, grabbed the wine bottle and walked to Yin Kuang: “Brother Yin , I, Zhang Fei, apologized to you!”
“Don’t dare!” Yin Kuang made a look of fear, took the wine and drank it all in one gulp, then praised the wine.
Afterwards, the atmosphere became harmonious. Yin Kuang was introduced to the banquet by Liu Bei and sat under Zhang Fei. This is how an inexplicable little wine party began.
After drinking enough, Yin Kuang stood up and left at the right time. After Liu Bei made a symbolic request to stay, he sent Yin Kuang to the tent and said, “Brother Yin, please bear with me for a moment. Bei will go to see General Gongsun immediately and make an offer for you. General Gongsun will not be in trouble if he is thirsty for talents.” For you.”
Yin Kuang thanked him again and again, then left the tent and was taken back to the prison by the two original sergeants.
After closing the curtain, Zhang Fei asked eagerly: “Brother, what do you think? I haven’t admitted my mistake, have I?”
After hearing this, Liu Bei nodded, touched his short beard under his chin, and said, “This boy has an extraordinary aura. , very human.” Zhang Fei was overjoyed and said: “From what I can see, this kid’s aura is very similar to my brother’s aura. If he can get it, he will definitely help his brother gather his energy and concentrate, and his abilities will rise to the next level. !”
Guan Yu, who had been half-opening and half-closing his red phoenix eyes, glanced at Zhang Fei and said: “This man has a deep scheming that makes it difficult for people to see through his heart, so he should not be underestimated. Third brother, you are being reckless in calling him here in a hurry.” “Zhang Fei said: “How could it be? Now that it has been confirmed by my brother personally, it is just a matter of taking that ‘qi’. He is just a lonely and weak boy, so why should he be cautious? With the strength of you and me, is there any reason why we can’t defeat him? As long as my brother gathers together. With concentration, our strength will surely increase again. By then, the three of us brothers can be glorious in the battle against thieves, so that the people of the world can see the demeanor of the three of my br