mixed with blue spots, and its limbs began to tremble violently.

mixed with blue spots, and its limbs began to tremble violently.
While trembling, the countless blisters on the dead body swayed horribly. The blood inside seemed to be highly corrosive, constantly rolling and making a harsh ‘Zizz…’ sound, emitting a faint stench of smoke. But it always fails to burn through the transparent and thin skin of the blisters.
The experiment had reached the most critical moment. Seeing that everything was in the best condition as expected, Zhang Lisheng had a surprised smile on his face and suddenly stopped the witchcraft in his flesh and blood.
/The witchcraft stopped, and the black smoke wrapped around the corpse lost its source and slowly dispersed. However, the corpse that was constantly squirming on the experimental platform froze without being catalyzed by the black smoke, and suddenly stopped moving.
At this moment, Zhang Lisheng urged the witchcraft power in his body to surge again, and faint black smoke came out of his mouth and nose again, shrouding the body and making it shake violently again.
In this way, according to a strange rhythm, the young man performed witchcraft intermittently. Gradually, when he stopped the surge of witchcraft power in his body, the corpse in front of him no longer lost its activity immediately.
Six or seven minutes later, the witchcraft was finally completed. When Zhang Lisheng blew the last wisp of black smoke from the skin into the chained corpse, the blisters on the corpse slowly subsided, and the closed eyes suddenly opened. The muscles all over his body twisted and crackled, re-squeezing the dislocated bones onto the sockets, and he sat up suddenly on the experimental platform.
“Oh, oh, oh…” Gas, who was slumped by the glass door and had completely collapsed, saw this scene and let out a meaningless shout.
Zhang Lisheng took a long breath, took out a small silver flashlight from his pocket, adjusted the light, and shot out a dazzling infrared ray, which shined directly on the iron chain’s eyeballs.
The infrared ray shot a small dot on the blue and white eyeball, slowly gathering heat, and soon burned through the vitreous body of the eyeball, but at this time, the iron chain did not even react at all.
“B01 living body experiment.
There was no animal reaction after the material test, and the use of ’01 Reconciling Reagent’ to stimulate the brain during the operation was ineffective.
Then the young man turned off the recorder and muttered to himself, “I knew that ‘living corpse’ was impossible. It’s so easy to find the secret to simple refining…” He drove the iron chain into a ‘corpse puppet’ with his mind, and stiffly put on the FedEx uniform.
Walking to the front of the gas with the iron chain, Zhang Lisheng Unexpectedly, he opened the door with his fingerprint and said with a smile: “You can go, sir, and go back to the city with your companions. ”
Doctor…hehe…sir…please…have mercy…” Even though the glass door had been opened, Gass, who was paralyzed on the ground, still looked up at the young man’s calm