y slums with used cars as the skeleton, leaving only a 24-hour street. A wide kilometer patrolled by soldiers with live ammunition runs through the city

y slums with used cars as the skeleton, leaving only a 24-hour street. A wide kilometer patrolled by soldiers with live ammunition runs through the city
every hour. To this day, there are still thousands of refugees from all over the world every day, risking their lives and trekking long distances for the dream of going to the ‘Doomsday Ark’ for salvation. to this city.
/If these poor people can prove their American citizenship, then they will be lucky enough to get a number to participate in the monthly immigration lottery with a total of only 5,000 people. According to the probability, if the number of refugees does not increase , about twenty years later, you can get your wish and set foot on the land of ‘Noah’s World’.
If the escapee does not have the status of a federal citizen, then his chance of realizing his dream is even slimmer. Fortunately, Faerun City is far away from ‘Noah’s Space’. There is only a few dozen kilometers away from the door, so you can easily get food supplies from the ‘other world’, and you will not starve to death if you exile here.
And although the opportunity to move to the ‘Noah World’ is rare, if you find the right way, in fact, Complicated things can also become very simple.
In a square office hall belonging to the US Immigration Service in the center of Faerun, Zhang Lisheng is a member of the sewer pipeline design team of Noah World Oasis City’s New Virginia B’s Ward Construction Company. His identity was mixed among a group of real professional engineers, and he handed the genuine access application to a fat middle-aged woman at window No. 7.
“Oh. Oasis Urban Designer hired by Peward Architectural Company, but you look like a high school student, but you Asians always look young, hard-working and smart, and you can always choose the best major in college. It’s really enviable to say.
Are you studying engineering? What is most lacking in Noah now is engineers? “The woman took the form and looked at it, looked at Zhang Lisheng and said casually, like a croak, but in fact it was a very skillful and quick interrogation.
“Not ma’am. I studied biology at university. Peward Construction hired me to use my architectural understanding of insect nests to improve the sewer system of the ‘New Virginia B’ Oasis. In order to increase the city’s population area ratio. “The young man explained in a typical American nerd tone.
“Insect Nest, oh, are you saying that the city where we live in ‘Noah’ is slowly becoming as crowded as a bug hole? “The woman asked with a fuss.
“It’s just a small waterway, madam. However, as the floor area ratio of the oasis population increases, the city will indeed become more and more crowded. “Zhang Lisheng said with a serious shrug.
“Ha, you made my originally good mood turn bad, Mr. Biologist,” the fat woman wearing the blue uniform of the Immigration Bureau said gloomily, picked up the seal and said, “Pop. ‘ ‘ was stamped on Zhang Lisheng’s access application form, and he threw the document into a cylindrical machine next to him. After