younger sister.

younger sister.
White Americans generally do not raise many children. One or two is considered normal. Welfare in this era is not as great as in the future. Taking care of children until they become adults is really difficult and expensive.
For many American families, paying for college tuition for one or two children is not a big problem. If they have more, they will start to have a headache. This starts with the extremely high tuition burden in the United States, which may be related to historical factors. In the past, college students in the United States They were all elites. Later, with the advocacy of some well-known figures in society, civilian universities began to be built. Even if they were reduced by a certain amount, they were still very expensive.
Public schools have lower tuition fees, and the tuition alone costs about US$10,000 per year. Usually, the teaching level of such institutions is not high, and it is worse than private schools due to issues such as resources and learning atmosphere.
The United States has a long history of building private non-profit universities. Most of the top 50 institutions are private, including the Eight Ivy League, MIT, Stanford, Caltech, Emory University, Hopkins University, Rice University, Carnegie Mellon University and Rockefeller University are among such universities.
/Compared with state universities, private universities are expensive and difficult to get into, but graduates have extensive connections and broader prospects. Han Xuan University went to Brown University, which is one of the Ivy League schools. No one would think that the school is bad. As for Later I studied at Cambridge, which is one of the top universities in the world.
On the day before Christmas, when he went fishing on Lake Rota, the old man also talked about his hope to build a university in California and asked Han Xuan if he could help contact Monterey Bay to provide a piece of land for building a school.
/Han Xuan is very interested in this suggestion and plans to invest a sum of money. If his family wants to build a school, it cannot be a small project. Not to mention fame and resources, he plans to provide the world’s top campus environment for school students. , only cultivate truly elite students.
Even in the 1980s, the Han family’s wealth was an astronomical sum. Raising one or two more children was no burden to Han Qianshan. At that time, Han Xuan had already begun to adapt to the environment after rebirth and instinctively resisted having a younger brother or younger sister. , but there is not much fatherly love and maternal love, so I nodded and agreed.
However, in the end they did not have a child, probably because they were worried about Han Xuan. He was different from ordinary children since he was a child. At first, he seemed to have autism, but that was just other people’s illusions. In fact, the reason was that he could not accept the fact of rebirth. , don’t like to have much contact with others.
Things are different now. Han Xuan is already self-reliant.