ctor manufacturing will not make a big splash. This is really big business!

After thinking briefly, he replied with a smile on his face: “Of course we are very interested. I will convey your intention to our president. Now our company has business in this area, but the scale is not large. We adopt an elimination system. It’s a good suggestion. I will make suggestions in this regard to the president. Today’s Japanese people are indeed not as diligent as before. Many people think about how to be lazy every day, rather than how to complete their work better. I would like to ask, the Internet recently There is a small problem in the industry. Do you think it is appropriate to enter now?”
“There is a problem?” Han Xuan shook his head with a smile and told him: “I don’t think so. The problem is only Internet concept stocks. People are beginning to not believe in those stocks. The company can bring returns to itself in the future. There is nothing wrong with the physical manufacturing industry. In the past week, my Blueberry Group has sold products with a total value of more than 10 billion US dollars worldwide. Do you think there is a problem?
/” Suddenly enlightened, Fujiwara Masaichi smiled and said: “I understand. Our company has a very high status in Japan. You will never be afraid of suffering a loss when doing business with us. I will tell you the reply soon. I believe the company will definitely agree. The electronic product manufacturing industry will definitely It’s your strength.”
Now we have only reached a preliminary intention to cooperate. Specific matters will naturally be discussed by the people under our control. Itochu Corporation is very generous and is willing to sell a part of Time Warner Group’s shares. This is of great significance to Han Xuan and almost clears the way. Overcome all obstacles to winning this company.
/In return, he proposed to cooperate with the other company and jointly enter the Japanese semiconductor and electronic product manufacturing market. Doing business is about courtesy and reciprocity, so that you can do business well. If you blindly take without giving anything in return, the final result will only be like this Like the Koch brothers of Koch Industries, due to the impact of the pollution incident, the upward trend of the industry stalled, and many businesses were seized by his peers.
When doing business, I no longer want to do small things. I have begun to look down on industries worth ten to two billion dollars. Although Japan’s semiconductor and electronic component manufacturing and other industries have continued to decline in recent years, many technologies are still leading the world. level, Han Xuan is trying to expand again in the next decade, and now it is necessary to plan this area in advance.
Modern people think that technological development has entered a certain bottleneck period, but they clearly understand that this is just the beginning. Smart phones, smart cars, smart robots and other industries will become mainstream industries in the next c