make him shudder.

make him shudder.
“They don’t have any opinions yet.” The beautiful woman shook her head, and her collar-like neck did not interest him at all. “Most of the company’s funds are tied up with the Chengdu Commercial Bureau.”
“… ”
After pondering for a long time, Wu Niao took out his cell phone, but as soon as he dialed, he was thrown to the ground.
The line is busy, the line is busy, the line is busy all day long, he knows that that person is avoiding him!
“What the hell is that bastard doing upstairs?”
As soon as 18:30 arrives.
In the corner of the dinner venue, several young ladies wearing Haitian Xiangyun naturally put away a screen, revealing Zhao Song and Hao Ying standing side by side.
If you ignore the hidden indoor door behind them, it would be as if the two of them had been staying here all the time. In the venue where cups and glasses were being exchanged, their appearance did not seem too sudden. For a moment, no one noticed them.
At this time, Zhao Song’s eyes lit up, he smiled and nodded to the ladies, then quickly came to the long dining table, quickly picked up the laughing tea cup filled with black particles, and took advantage of no one to notice it. Before, he swallowed it in his mouth.
Beluga caviar.
He hasn’t eaten it!
It wasn’t that he couldn’t bear to part with it, but that he forgot to focus on these expensive ingredients that made him drool in his previous life.
Hao Ying looked at him absurdly, speechless.
But Zhao Song didn’t intend to let her go. He swallowed the slightly salty caviar and asked sternly, “Do you know what this is?”
Hao Ying replied angrily, this stuff has a lot of The strong antioxidant effect helps prevent skin aging. The female elders in the family will eat a little bit every once in a while, and she can also follow suit.
“Have you ever eaten bluefin tuna?”
Zhao Song then asked.
Hao Ying nodded.
“Where’s the pufferfish?”
/Hao Ying nodded.
“White truffle?”
Hao Ying still nodded.
Zhao Song suddenly became angry and said in a deep voice: “Take me back to the capital to eat, I’ll treat you.”
If he had money, he wouldn’t know where to eat these things.
Hao Ying nodded honestly. At this time, she realized a little bit. The big boss in this room made the person in front of her… nervous.
“Girl, do you know what the happiest life is?”
Hao Ying shook her head, widened her eyes and tried to pretend to be curious.
“A monthly income of 10,000 to 20,000 yuan, two or three houses, no one above me to rely on, no one below me to offend.
Wife, baby and dog, take a short trip if you have nothing to do, have a drink if you have something to do, and occasionally donate a small amount to make it happen Point out personal social value!
Those days…”
Zhao Song clicked his tongue and said longingly: “How beautiful is it?”
You have almost ten commercial houses in your hands, right?
Hao Ying looked at Zhao Song cutely and said nothing.
/At this time, Liao Yingzhu came over. T