will then be sold to customers around the world.

will then be sold to customers around the world.
And I am a member here.
Xiaojie was silently cheering herself up, and then she came to a small white building, which would be where she would work today.
/At the entrance of the White Building, there was a nervous crowd standing. Their hair was messy, their beards were unkempt, and the smell of sweat on their bodies was blowing in the wind. But even so, Xiaojie who passed by them did not show any discomfort. She knew who they were, and she knew better. I know how much effort this Wesonic R&D team put in for today’s review.
She didn’t dare to talk to them, didn’t dare to look at their hopeful eyes, let alone tell them that she was Wang Jie twenty years later, she was a member of Tesla TPOD86, she had a pair of golden ears, and she was One of their final judges.
Today, her test group will use the same player to listen blindly to 13 different headphones!
Don’t say that HIFI is a fantasy. Maibo C100, HiVi MX200, Jinlang Utopia, and Danada Evidence represent hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of speakers respectively. More than 90% of people in the world can listen to them. point out their differences.
Today, the team that represents the auditory aesthetics of most people in the world will complete the final review of Wesonic. If it fails, countless headphone brands around the world will be very willing to take its place!
In order to cooperate with the company’s overall strategy, the launch time of Tpod2classic cannot be delayed any longer.
Today, not only Wesonic, but also the material of Wu Ming’s shell and control disc, and the quality of a domestically produced PCB board, are all subject to final inspection.
As for other spare parts, they have already passed the evaluation. After all, they are imported…
Yes, the localization rate of Tpod is so low, but it is much higher than the 0.3% of iPhoneXM after 17 years. few.
When Xiaojie stepped into the small white building, the bustling Audi A8 finally arrived at the gate of the industrial park.
Before Shi Ming stepped forward to open the door, Zhao Song got out of the car in fear and walked quickly towards the first person in the crowd.
“Leader, why are you here?”
Zhao Song asked respectfully.
The former Pingchang District Chief and now the big boss of Pingchang smiled and held Zhao Song’s hand: “Mr. Zhao, tell me, if your company cannot produce despite having orders worth billions of dollars, what can you do?” “Aren’t you in a hurry?”
Zhao Song said nervously:
“After all, this is Tesla’s strategic flagship product in the next few years. No matter how much we strive for excellence, we can’t overdo it!”
Before the release of the Iphone, Apple had a cash reserve of 60 billion. I only got it with my notebook and itunes.
After listening to Zhao Song’s words, the big boss nodded with emotion, patted him on the shoulder and said:
“With such seriousness in making products, other domestic entrepreneurs should learn from it!”
If it weren’t for rebirth