Mike thought for a few seconds and said:
“Take me to see their house.”
Old Kohler nodded and led the two of them around the scene of the quarrel and into a dilapidated house that was obviously not as good as the apartment just now.
As soon as he arrived outside the washerwoman’s room, Klein immediately felt the dampness.
There were clothes hanging inside that were not yet dry. A girl of seventeen or eighteen years old was squatting in front of a big basin, washing the foaming things. A girl who was younger than her was holding a wrap to wet it. The hot iron on linen carefully handled the items that had been washed and dried. Her movements were cautious, as if she had been burned by steam many times.
This is both their workplace and the place where they sleep at night. Humid vapor fills the room and soaks into their bodies.
In addition, the stench of mixed odors was so obvious.
“Don’t you feel uncomfortable?” Mike pinched his nose.
Klein replied angrily:
“I am sick”
There was no smile in his words.
/Mike loosened his fingers, walked into the room, and said to the two surprised girls:
“I’m a reporter and I want to interview the starching women.”
The girl who was rubbing her clothes shook her head numbly:
“We have a lot to do and can’t afford to delay.”
Mike’s request for an interview was rejected.
He came out with a heavy expression and walked back to the street silently.
After looking at it, he pursed his lips and said:
“Let’s continue.”
In Silver City, Derrick Berg, who had auditory and visual hallucinations, was taken to the bottom of the round tower after detailed inspection.
Here, residents who are showing signs of losing control are housed, and various methods are used to try to save them.
Walking in the dark and gloomy corridor, he suddenly felt an inexplicable chill.
A scream suddenly came from a closed room.
The sound stopped suddenly, and everything was quiet.
However, the two guards sandwiching him did not react at all, as if everything just now was just his auditory hallucination.
“Someone is asking for help over there.” Young Derrick reminded the two Dawn Knights.
Walking to his left, a tall knight wearing silver full-body armor responded calmly:
“Don’t be fooled.”
“That’s just the normal behavior of some extraordinary beings who are on the verge of losing control.”
Really? Maybe he was just unwilling to give up, lost control and turned into a monster, so he screamed for help, Derrick thought sadly.
As his mood changed, the illusory buzzing in his ears became more obvious.
After walking a few steps forward in silence, the Dawn Knight pointed to a door on the left and said:
/“You will stay here during this period, and we will deliver food and medicine on time.”
While speaking, he took out an iron-black vial.
This kind of bottle is woven from the straw-like material left over from the staple food of Baiyin City: black-faced grass. When it encounters liquid, it will produce a thin film, thus achieving a waterproof sealing effect.
Derrick took the b