ed previously, you are waiting to be assigned patrol or exploration missions.

“Magician” Forsi and “Justice” Audrey also did not buy the potion formulas in the later sequences, because they each had channels to obtain them and did not need to hide them. There was no need to waste another sum of money at the Tarot meeting. Delly just doesn’t care about money, she’s not stupid.
/“The Hermit” Cattleya is, firstly, still observing and not in a hurry to reveal her own needs. Secondly, she does not believe that members of the Tarot Society other than Mr. Fool can get what she wants. After all, for a person in the promotion sequence For a pirate general who has been a pirate general for more than five years, what she desires most is the demigod rank. Therefore, her slightly dark purple eyes looked calmly at the “Sun” and others opposite her without trying to speak.
Klein thought for a moment, then manipulated the “world” to add:
“Who has, or who can get, a magical item with strong attack power?”
The target of his inquiry is “The Hermit”, because only the “Star Admiral” who has traveled across the sea for many years can meet his needs here, not even the “Hanged Man” and the craftsman he is familiar with, unless he can provide it himself The corresponding Sequence 6 or even Sequence 5 extraordinary characteristics.
“Hermit” Cattleya was silent for two seconds, slowly shook her head and said:
“If similar items appear at the Extraordinary gathering I attend, I will help you pay attention.”
Over the years, she has killed a lot of extraordinary people. She did obtain a certain number of extraordinary characteristics and magical items, but they were either rewarded to her pirates or replaced with two powerful items that greatly improved her strength and survivability. , there is no more left, and those two pieces cannot be traded before she is promoted to demigod.
It seems that the “Star Admiral” is not well-off either. Being powerful also means a lot of expenses. Klein sighed secretly and asked “The World” to express his thanks in a low voice.
The transaction session ended quickly. He controlled the “world”, looked at “Magician” Forsi and said:
“I want to entrust you with something.”
“I” Forsi was a little surprised.
Could it be something like buying a radio receiver again? She thought with a slight twitch in the corner of her mouth.
“The World” nodded and said:
“Go to Williams Street at the junction of the West End and Queens Borough. Go there every two or three days. Pay attention to if there is anything abnormal. If there is any, please let me know immediately.”
He didn’t mention the matter of being transferred through Mr. Fool again, because everyone was already familiar with and skilled at it, and the underground of Williams Street was the ruins of the Tudor family where evil spirits lingered.
“What is abnormal?” “Magician” Forsi asked in confusion and caution.
There may be abnormal “justice” in Backlund’s Williams Street. Audrey was originally not interested in this topic, but at this time she almost raised