wling wind.

“What a coincidence.” Luo Shan watched the gentleman leave and sighed with regret.
Although she won’t get a share of the commission, she will definitely share a big meal.
“There’s no way, Chanis Gate must be guarded at all times.” Klein put down his knife, fork and spoon with satisfaction, and even drank the thick soup mixed with turnips and vegetables that he didn’t like very much, “Don’t you think so?” I want Brett to go on a mission or myself.”
Luo Shan rolled her eyes and said with a smile:
“Bright can’t, but you can, our Mr. Fortune Teller”
Before she finished speaking, she suddenly woke up and quickly shut up, because the door had not yet been closed, and if anyone passing by or visiting outside heard about the Extraordinary, it would be a leak.
“Fortunately, the captain is not here.” Roshan looked at the door and stuck out her tongue secretly, “Otherwise, I would have to regret it again.”
Brett and Klein laughed at the same time, looked at each other and began to put away the dishes.
After doing all this, Klein chose to stay at the “Blackthorn Security Company” when the heavy rain didn’t stop and he didn’t have an umbrella.
He took a newspaper, sat on the soft and flexible sofa, and took a leisurely “lunch break.”
“The airship route from Backlund to Disi Bay has been opened.”
“Detective Munson is compiled into a book and will be published soon”
“The Douglas Arms Store advertises a standard revolver with 6 rounds of ammunition, 3 pounds 10 solers, and a double barrel shotgun 2 pounds.”
Klein was flipping through the Tingen City Honest Newspaper and suddenly found a piece of news:
“The criminals who killed Mr. Welch and Ms. Naya have all been arrested. I believe that the atmosphere of panic spreading in the North District, Jinwutong District and East District will be greatly alleviated. Welch’s father, the banker Mr. McGovern, escorted Carrying the body of his youngest son, he returned to Constantinople City and a grand funeral was about to be held.”
After reading it several times, Klein suddenly sighed:
It seems that Welch’s father has believed the police’s story and has not hired another private investigator to investigate.
He was certainly not as sad about losing his youngest son as my dad and mom were when they lost their only son.
His mood suddenly dropped, and Klein sat there without moving for a long time.
/As for the fact that neither Welch nor Naya invited him to their funerals, he didn’t find it strange or depressed at all.
After everything calms down, he will find an opportunity to lay a bouquet of flowers in front of their graves. Klein was going to the lounge to take a nap when the door of the reception hall suddenly came knocking again.
“Please come in.” Roxanne, who was thinking slowly, suddenly woke up.
The ajar door was pushed open, and the tall, thin man in formal attire with gray temples walked in again.
“Can I wait here for a while? Your mercenaries, no, the security personnel should be back soon,” he asked sincerely, trying to hide his anxious expression.