not change.

Theoretically, as long as you sign a confidentiality contract with your creditors in advance, this kind of transaction can continue in secret.
However, once this kind of transaction is leaked, you will face great trouble, and I am afraid that many people will be offended by then! ”
As soon as she finished speaking, Raquel was dumbfounded. This is not just an ordinary bad idea, it is simply an idea that can kill people.
The class in Aslant continent can be solidified only by the tacit understanding of the ruling class. Among them, everyone joining forces to block the inheritance of knowledge is the most important part.
If the monopoly on knowledge is broken, once an opportunity arises, the lower nobles may rise.
Perhaps the probability of going upstream is very low, but there are so many small nobles! As long as the base is large enough, there will always be lucky ones who stand out.
The entry of a large number of new players will inevitably increase competition among the upper-level ruling groups.
The consequences of this will not be a reshuffle of a certain region or a certain country, but a political reshuffle of the entire society.
As the initiator, he is bound to be hostile to the traditional ruling group.
“Marshal, the consequences of doing this are too great. Once the news leaks out, the principality cannot afford it!”
Hudson nodded slightly, then shook his head.
“You are right, this matter is indeed very troublesome. But if the consequences are small, how can it be considered a bad idea?
/The debts your country owes one after another are at least tens of millions of gold coins, and may even exceed 100 million.
How could such a huge sum of money be repaid in a short time without paying the price?
Repayment tax, you have tried to impose it. Facts have proven that in the face of huge debts, relying on taxes to repay is not feasible.
Post-war reconstruction has occupied a large amount of resources. Based on the actual situation of the Principality of Moxi, it simply does not have the ability to repay its debts.
/What you can do now is only two choices: either secretly use knowledge inheritance to pay off debts; or privately sell some special resources that can be mass-produced and blocked by everyone’s tacit understanding.
No matter what choice is made, it is a challenge to the existing order.
In my opinion, the best option right now is to find a way to settle some of the creditors first, and then raise money to repay part of the debt.
Even if you have some outrageous behavior, as long as you keep it confidential, it will be difficult for the outside world to know what you have done!
You are afraid of being exposed, and the small and medium-sized nobles involved in the transaction are even more afraid of the news leaking. At least until they rise, they will be kept strictly confidential.
I think your country can still handle the slight disturbance caused by some rumors and rumors.
Even if you are finally exposed, it will be many years later. I guess you will have recovered your str