don’t know how you died.

“Where’s the evidence?”
Daniel asked coldly.
The time for each tribe of orcs to obtain inheritance is too short, and the eighth-level experts who have the potential to break through the holy realm are all in secret retreat at the moment.
If you don’t have your own strong men in the sanctuary to contain the enemy, you can only turn to your allies to improve the protection of the strong men. Then you must speak with evidence.
The most important thing is that this war was forcibly launched by them, which caused dissatisfaction among the elves from the beginning.
With this kind of borderline behavior, the elves will most likely choose to watch the joke.
After all, although the enemy had a dirty trick, he did it very measuredly and did not directly attack the coach as soon as he came up.
The death of several generals and priests was completely trivial in the eyes of the elves.
There is no way, what people need is an obedient little brother, not an uneasy ally like the orcs who makes their own decisions and drags them into the water at any time.
All races in the Anti-Humanity Alliance, except for the orcs, have basically been recaptured by the elves, and now they are the only ones left wandering around.
“Marshal, what kind of evidence do you need for this unclear matter?
Before Marquis Wusuhe could finish his words, Daniel interrupted: “A professional eighth-level killer can also kill with one blow!
The corpses were all killed in one blow, and all the so far known sanctuaries of the Alpha Kingdom were mages.
You can’t say that it was a sacred monster holding a dagger that carried out a sneak attack on them, right? ”
Daniel said angrily.
It is common sense that everyone knows that it is impossible for a human magician to attack at close range.
The sacred monster used a dagger to sneak attack, which was also very anti-cognitive.
/People’s claws are the best weapons. Even if they are hit directly with the body, they are more offensive than a dagger.
Judging from the apparent situation, this is what the top assassin did.
As for whether the eighth-level assassin has the ability to advance and retreat freely in the military camp, and whether he can escape unscathed after killing many people in a short period of time, that is another matter.
After stopping the commotion of his men, Daniel fell into deep thought again. Things have happened, and we have to find a way to solve the problem.
The enemy of the problem is too rogue, and his game is: “He comes in a hurry, and he leaves in a hurry.”
Judging from the intelligence collected, no one has ever seen the enemy take action. According to the description of the eyewitness: the shadow flashed and then turned into a corpse.
“Marshal, there is actually no need to worry too much. Judging from the current victims, the enemies have chosen targets with weak melee capabilities.
For powerful warriors, safety is guaranteed. At least if the enemy doesn’t want to reveal their identity, it’s difficult to kill an eighth-level warrior at once.