ength of the cub.

I originally thought that I would create a vague image and let the outside world guess for themselves. Unexpectedly, Bear Stearns had to go to the front desk.
Sighing secretly, Hudson began to enjoy it with peace of mind. The high salary offered was provided by the Governor’s Mansion, not requested by him.
/If Bear Stearns is not as powerful as the Magister, it will only prove that the people in the Governor’s Mansion are not doing things well, and it has nothing to do with Mr. Hudson.
/Rights and obligations are equal. If you accept this wave of recruitment, your military service tasks for the next three years will be considered completed.
Everything is theoretical. If there is an emergency, regardless of whether there is a military service mission, those who should be drafted will still be drafted.
For example, this locust plague is a mandatory recruitment mission. Every magician in the entire southeastern province has been recruited by the Governor’s Mansion.
Some knights with Warcraft mounts were also included in the recruitment scope. On the contrary, ordinary knights were excluded from the recruitment range because their lethality against locusts was too small.
More than 150 magicians and more than 20 knights all gathered together. If the scene was not preparation for war, no one would believe it.
They were all unfamiliar faces. Occasionally, I encountered a few familiar faces. That was because Hudson knew the others, but they did not know him.
Having no interest, Hudson looked for acquaintances among the crowd and directly chose to sit down in a corner, enjoying the food alone, as if he was out of tune with the banquet.
There is no way, it’s not that he doesn’t want to blend in. It is true that the group of mages is too exclusive, and it is difficult for a guy like him who doesn’t have half a bucket of water to join the conversation.
The Cavaliers are relatively easy to deal with, but that’s only relative. Among all the knights present, Hudson was the only weakling.
The worst for others is to start as a big knight and cannot be any weaker. Knights who lack strength become “poo” in the process of obtaining Warcraft mounts.
If these guys are not cultivating lunatics, they are almost cultivating lunatics. Most of the discussions were about cultivation-related topics, but Hudson still couldn’t join in.
None of the aristocratic ladies and ladies that I had imagined appeared at this banquet. Occasionally there are a few magician ladies, but those are not something that Hudson can get close to.
Being a little transparent also has the advantage of being a little transparent, that is, you don’t have to go out to socialize. As long as your skin is thick enough, you can eat and drink as much as you want.
The so-called aristocratic etiquette is very regrettable. This is not the home of pretenders. All the strong men present were from the bold and unrestrained faction, and they all did whatever they liked.
For example, the burly knight opposite Hudson was discussing with his companions h