the arsenal.

“I know, Uncle Galen!” David responded.
“David, come with me. I’ll take you to the government’s equipment depot. If your exoskeleton armor or weapons are damaged, you can come here for repairs. In addition, supplies are also provided here!” Galen Chaofan took the big gun with him. Wei said as he returned to the elevator again.
This time the elevator reached the 30th floor, and David found that it was on the same floor as the equipment warehouse of the Soldiers Association, but he didn’t know if there was any reason for this.
After entering the equipment warehouse, I saw several people choosing something on several display projections. After seeing Galen Chaofan walk in, he immediately stood up respectfully.
“You guys are busy!” Galen said with a smile and nodded.
/Several people were obviously extremely excited and quickly bowed to signal. Although they continued to look at the projection, their eyes kept looking this way.
“David, everything here is managed by the main optical brain. I have applied for your permission. You can receive one hundred first-grade ammunition and five second-grade ammunition here every month. If necessary, You have to buy more by yourself!” Galen Chaofan came to an empty platform and activated the projection and said.
David saw the identity verification prompt on the projection, swiped it with his identity bracelet, and the equipment library page was displayed on the projection.
Everything here requires contribution points to pay for it. If it weren’t for the benefits Galen Chaofan applied for for him, he might not even be able to buy the most basic first-grade ammunition.
Because first-grade ammunition is displayed in the system as ten contribution points per piece, according to his rough estimate, one contribution point is almost ten thousand credit points, but the credit points cannot be exchanged for contribution points.
Repairing exoskeleton armor is not expensive. It is divided into three levels: five contribution points for small damage, ten contribution points for medium damage, thirty contribution points for large damage, and purchasing a new exoskeleton armor costs one hundred contribution points.
Of course, this is just the most common standard exoskeleton armor. The price of purchasing one piece of the Streamer Exoskeleton Armor used by the Elephant Troops is as high as 300 contribution points.
David was not polite. He operated on the projection and quickly received this month’s share, one hundred first-grade ammunition and five second-grade ammunition.
Soon an intelligent robot delivered a small metal box, and David checked and accepted it.
“David, go back by yourself. I’ll be very busy recently. If you have anything to do, just ask Helena. I won’t be free until about ten days later!” Galen Chaofan watched David take out the small metal box and finally confessed.
David left the government building and first returned to his villa, where he transferred a set of space exoskeleton armor, a spear weapon box, a ‘Godolphin’s Wrath’ sniper rifle, and one hun