After a long time, Speaker Gould slowly opened his eyes.
“What kind of red wine is this? I almost couldn’t withstand the surge of energy?” Speaker Gould asked in disbelief as he looked at the empty wine glass.
/At this time, he had no desire to have another drink. On the one hand, he really had no energy left to absorb any more energy. On the other hand, such red wine must be extremely precious.
“This is the ‘Super Spiritual Red Wine’. The production is a little small. It is currently used for my practice. I will take it out for you to taste and appreciate!” David introduced with a smile.
“It’s a waste to drink it on me. I feel that this ‘super spiritual red wine’ will be of considerable help to me even when I am promoted to demigod!” Speaker Gould said with some reluctance.
To be honest, if he had known that the ‘Super Spiritual Red Wine’ had such abundant energy, he would not drink it at this time. If he had to wait until he was promoted to drink it, he estimated that the possibility of being promoted to demigod would increase a lot.
Of course, Speaker Gould is still far from a demigod. He has not even formed his own rules.
“I will prepare it for you when you are promoted!” David said casually.
At present, he cannot supply the ‘Super Spiritual Red Wine’ to others. On the one hand, it is true that the energy contained in the Super Spiritual Red Wine is too sufficient and is not suitable for use at the legendary level. On the other hand, he is also using a large amount of ‘Super Spiritual Red Wine’. ‘, the resources given away must not affect his own cultivation progress.
In the subsequent dishes, all the vegetables are spiritual. On the contrary, the meat dishes that Speaker Gould likes are rarely touched. Even the meat dishes cooked by David, who is far beyond the level of a ‘cooking master’, are far inferior to those. Speaker Gould was attracted to spiritual vegetables.
Just as the dinner was about to end, news came from David’s lord-level contact circle. His spirit swept across the lord-level contact circle, with a strange smile on his face.
Speaker Gould couldn’t help but be curious when he saw David placing the lord-level contact circle on the dining table.
This situation should be a preparation for the remote transmission of small items. The Lord-level contact array has a built-in small-item transfer array. A planet-level portal needs to be nearby to open this small-item transfer array.
Naturally, what David received was the news from the Temple of Earth, the Temple of Justice, the Temple of Wealth, and the Temple of Knowledge. The messages congratulated David on becoming a demigod, and sent congratulatory gifts on behalf of their respective temples, requesting the opening of small object transmission circles.
David would not refuse the goodwill of the four major temples. He opened the small item transmission circle and agreed to the application of the four major temples.
Then, white light flashed continuously in the lord-level contact circle, and then four refined wooden boxes with th