g, this kid, has worked hard to get such a fortune. As a father, you can relax. At least for the next whole era, he will always be on the cusp of the storm.”

Immediately afterwards, the Patriarch of Baihualou turned his head to look at Mr. Xie Kui again.
“Thank you, Brother Dao. How to clean up and deal with them depends on you, Brother Dao.”
When he finished speaking, the Patriarch of Baihualou pushed the “Nine Heavens Rank Diagram” in front of Old Taoist Xie Kui.
At this moment, all the energy inductions were completed, and the dense seal patterns were all covered with the rank diagram composed of nine bright and dark colors.
These are all monks of the new Taoist realm of the Hunmeng method. Except for Wu Qing, the lives and Tao fruits of the monks pointed to by every seal mark must be erased!
This is a method that combines cursing and setting up an altar in the air, and when it comes to talking about it, Lao Daocheng Xie Kui is a master of this method.
The moment he took over the “Nine Heavens Rank Map”, Xie Kui Lao Dao had already pinched a wisp of black water vapor full of decay and erosion with his other hand.
“Let me think about it”
It seemed to be the manifestation of Wangchuan’s artistic conception, a truly exquisite magic power that could defile all kinds of things.
Perhaps the magical power of “The Five Declines of Heaven and Man” can be used more subtly
At this moment, Chu Weiyang had such a thought in his mind. Of course, the thought was just a thought, and Chu Weiyang never said anything about it.
After all, for someone with a cultivation level like that of Xie Kui, the subtlety of the magic power is secondary. Perhaps the purest and most simple operation of Taoism is enough to accomplish all kinds of good things.
/Moreover, Chu Weiyang was finally here for the first time, so he instinctively preferred to see more and talk less.
But after counting the interest.
When the old Taoist Xie Kui held the wisp of black water vapor that was full of Wangchuan’s artistic conception, he held the weird seal towards the “Nine Heavens Rank Map” in a sealing method that Chu Weiyang had never seen before. Gently brush it away, and at this moment, the spiritual light seal pattern that appears on it really begins to shake.
This side can see that it has been carried out in an orderly manner.
Among the crowd, there was an old Taoist who was urging Taoist Xing almost impatiently.
“Old Xing! Even if this matter is difficult to deal with, we must make a decision as soon as possible. Don’t miss it! Life, death and death are impermanent things in the world. Once this world is nurtured, it will happen again in the coming days. Billions of living beings! But if you are indecisive for a moment, it will only cause disaster for eternity. What will last for that time is not just the billions of living beings in one lifetime!
There is a different path to Taoism! There are different paths to Taoism! ”
When he heard these words, a rare aura that was far more depressing than the blood evil aura wrapped around the cultiv