ithout having to talk about tactics at all.

But Qingniu looked a little embarrassed at this time, and he coughed lightly: “Ahem, disciple, you are a little impatient. This Qi Transformation into Three Purities is a secret that is not taught by the Supreme Being. It requires extremely high qualifications. , let alone a master, even Master Xuandu has never learned it.”
Qing Niu’s words were like a ladle of cold water with ice poured on Wei Xiaobei’s burning brain.
If the master hadn’t come face to face, Wei Xiaobei would have cursed loudly, peat! Isn’t this a waste of my expression?
But this was just a small episode. Wei Xiaobei didn’t dare to speak ill of his master, so he just retreated and continued to listen to Qing Niu’s explanation.
“In addition to transforming the three pure beings into one qi, there is also Xuanyuan Huangdi’s tiger elixir technique, which can be transformed into fractals and scattered shadows. Buddhism has the technique of incarnation outside the body, and the willow leaf transformation technique can be transformed into thousands of forms. The Thirty-Six Techniques of Tiangang include sowing beans and forming soldiers, the Seventy-two Techniques of Earthly Evil, including the clone technique of Taiyi Zhenren’s three heads and six arms, the Earth Fire Vertical and Horizontal Shaping Technique of Fire Sperm, and the myriad techniques of incarnations of various heavenly demons. The method of entrusting the incense of the earthly gods with clones is similar to the method of differentiating the souls of the ancient Qi alchemists.”
Qing Niu’s explanation really opened Wei Xiaobei’s eyes.
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei didn’t expect that there would be so many clone techniques. There were hundreds of them, divided into Taoism, Buddhism, Jiejiao, Yaozu, Tianmo, etc. Wait, there are even some ancient qigong master’s methods.
In addition to the more orthodox clone techniques, there are also alternative incarnation techniques such as three heads and six arms, the earth fire crisscross shaping technique, and the willow leaf transformation technique, which uses external objects to incarnate.
In short, Wei Xiaobei felt that he had benefited a lot just from hearing these introductions.
Of course, although he benefited a lot just from listening to it, Wei Xiaobei also wanted to learn the art of incarnation.
After all, once you learn the art of incarnation, it is really convenient and easy to use.
/Of course, Wei Xiaobei also knew that after Qing Niu had said so much, he might not necessarily understand these magical powers, but no matter what, as long as he knew one of them and taught it to himself, it would be worth it.
After Qingniu Linzongzong said a lot, he just got to the point: “Disciple, although I don’t know much as a teacher, I also know a few clones and magical powers. You can choose one of them to practice, do you understand?”
Huh, when Qing Niu finally got to the point, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but let out a long breath and hurriedly knelt down again: “Master, please give me some advice.”