makes Wei Xiaobei feel slightly dizzy!

Although being tempted and forbearing can clear away these mental influences.
But this ability cannot be used repeatedly for a long time, so Wei Xiaobei can only retreat to avoid making wrong choices under the influence of the red stone tower!
It has to be said that the witch hiding in the Great Tianlong Temple is like wearing an extremely hard turtle shell.
If Wei Xiaobeiguang wanted to face him face to face, he would have to clear away the Buddha’s light outside the Tianlong Temple!
And Wei Xiaobei also knew that if the Buddha’s light outside the Tianlong Temple was cleared away, the witch would probably be happy.
Although it is not known how the witch avoided the Buddha’s light and entered the temple, the Buddha’s light shrouding the outside of Daitenryu Temple undoubtedly affected the witch’s mental control over the surrounding creatures.
But no matter what, Wei Xiaobei still had to break through the defense of Da Tianlong Temple!
/After thinking for a moment, Wei Xiaobei came up with an impossible solution!
/Break it with force!
I remember when he first encountered the mutated farmer’s market, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t deal with the mutated farmer’s market, so he could only use some tricks to disgust the mutated farmer’s market, crumpling the metal sign on the roof into a metal ball. , and smashed towards the mutated farmer’s market.
This actually provoked the mutated farmer’s market to send its most powerful thugs to hunt down Wei Xiaobei.
But now, it is not difficult for Wei Xiaobei to follow the same method.
After scanning his surroundings, Wei Xiaobei bent down slightly and grabbed a huge iron stone with his hands wearing sun fist gloves.
Well, this huge iron stone is actually a sleeping iron stone monster. Judging from its huddled appearance, it is difficult to identify its type.
But this is nothing. What Wei Xiaobei wants is a heavy object of sufficient weight. This sleeping iron and stone monster probably weighs more than 8,000 tons. For Wei Xiaobei, at this distance, it is the most heavy object. Suitable heavy artillery shells.
The muscles of Wei Xiaobei’s arms bulged, and he immediately lifted up the iron and stone monster, then swung it up and rotated it for more than ten times. When its movement speed reached the extreme, he let out a loud shout and knocked the monster away. The iron-headed monster swung towards the Great Tianlong Temple!
The iron and stone monster was like a cannonball, flying in the air at high speed, making a sharp whistling sound.
Such violent movement finally woke up the iron and stone monster from its slumber.
However, when the iron and stone monster opened its eyes, he was shocked to find that he was hurtling towards a bronze temple!
How is this going?
It has to be said that this iron and stone monster woke up too late, and its mind was not clear yet, and then it bumped into the golden Buddha light rising from the wall of the courtyard!
A violent loud noise was heard, and the huge force carried by the iron and