in a row, and it is impossible to keep jumping.

As a result, Wei Xiaobei had to buy several oil tankers on the spot.
Well, it’s a tanker, not a cruise ship.
Due to changes in the marine environment, the tanker business has become more difficult, so there are many tankers parked at the port of Lunquan City alone with no business.
The owners of these tankers have long wanted to sell the tankers, but no one is a fool.
Oil tankers parked at the port consume a lot of money every day, and many tanker owners are so anxious that they are about to jump off the building.
Now that Wei Xiaobei has come forward to purchase, these bosses are almost worshiping him like a saint.
For Wei Xiaobei, this can be regarded as solving one of his troubles. These big guys only need to be slightly modified before they can pretend to be human beings and go to sea.
/As for cruise ships, well, the price of cruise ships is much higher than that of oil tankers. Now, because air routes are far more dangerous than sea transport, the transportation of people between continents is basically achieved by sea transport.
Although these luxury cruise ships cannot completely guarantee safety, at least the comfort level during the voyage is far greater than that of ordinary passenger ships. Therefore, luxury cruise tickets are in short supply in various countries.
As a result, those cruise companies will not be willing to sell their cornucopia to outsiders, especially in this period. Who knows where you will sail the cruise ship. If an accident occurs and the cruise ship dies, the cruise company will immediately Will go bankrupt.
/Five modified oil tankers, after replenishing a large amount of materials, slowly left the Lunquan port carrying tens of thousands of people.
There were quite a few people who came to the port to see him off, and even the Prime Minister took some time out of his busy schedule to come and see him off to show his gratitude to Wei Xiaobei.
For most of the people on the boat, Weijia Island is a very unfamiliar island, so they also have some uneasiness on their faces at this time.
It has to be said that their uneasiness is correct.
In this era where monsters from the gray world continue to invade reality, five fleets carrying tens of thousands of humans are extremely tempting bait for many monsters.
Less than five hours after leaving England, the fleet encountered a deep-sea giant that was causing trouble in Gaul.
Seeing a giant that was nearly the size of a 10,000-ton ship slowly emerging from the sea, the entire fleet seemed to freeze for a moment. No one dared to breathe out loudly. They tried their best to hold their breath for fear of breathing too hard. At one point, the terrifying giant was attracted to him.
However, their wishes were doomed.
This deep-sea giant was originally attracted by these humans.
As a branch of the Titans, the Deep Sea Titans were extremely cruel in the center of the legend and wreaked havoc on the entire Europa continent for hundreds of years, but they were finally suppressed by the gods