greatly improving his combat power.

The most important thing is that the ‘Titan Power’ doubles the physical strength, allowing his body to withstand the burst of power in a short time. According to his calculations, with double the physical strength, his body can withstand two million in ten seconds. Use of kilogram force.
David finally smiled. At least he didn’t need to carefully calculate his power output before every battle. He could exert his full strength within ten seconds at least.
Although Battle Angel’s skeleton has almost endless vitality, if his body is injured in battle, it will take time for him to heal from injury, during which he is the most vulnerable.
It’s just that ‘Savage Crash’ and ‘Titan Power’ cannot be used at the same time. This is not because there is any conflict between the two natural abilities, but once used at the same time, allowing David’s power to reach four million kilograms will make his body If he collapses in an instant, even the battle angel’s life force may not be able to save him in time.
David was addicted to practice, but the destruction of the Atkins family caused an uproar in the outside world.
/The destruction of a baron family made the nobles of Dasheng Planet panic. Investigations of various families on Dasheng Planet also began. Information dealers became the busiest people, with all kinds of real and false information spread everywhere.
Dozens of guards stood around Atkins Castle. These were soldiers transferred from the nearest city of Salo. Their mission was to protect the site and not allow anyone to approach.
Inside Atkins Castle, there was an icy white mist filling the air.
The origin of this white mist is the various magic circles arranged in the castle. The magic circles maintain the temperature inside Atkins Castle at around zero. This prevents the body from rotting due to the heat.
This place must remain uncovered, at least until investigators from the Noble Office are sent.
This is also standard operation. Ever since the tragedy of Atkins Castle was discovered, the nearest city of Salo has arranged all this.
The Minister of Noble Affairs Gershwin stood outside the castle. He was not a professional investigator, but came to coordinate the relationship between the Noble Affairs Office and the local area so that when subsequent investigators from the Noble Affairs Office arrived, they could act more conveniently.
“Here we come!” Gershwin, Minister of Noble Affairs, raised his head and looked at the sky. In the sky, a ‘starry sky flying boat’ was descending. That ‘starry sky flying boat’ belonged to the Noble Affairs Office.
The ‘Starry Sky Ship’ circled in the air, seemingly checking the situation of the castle from the air, and then slowly landed in the open space in front of the castle.
Gershwin, the Minister of Noble Affairs, came forward with a smile, but when he saw the people coming down, the smile on his face disappeared.
The first person to get off the ‘Starry Sky Flying Boat’ was a middle-aged man wearing the standard office robe of the N